Utilization of Google Workspace

You can make it crispy!How to make a free inquiry form

You can make it crispy!How to make a free inquiry form

The inquiry form is one of the essential pages for publishing a website.It's also called a mail form.

For example, even if a customer who visits the website of a certain service wants to know more details, it will be a big loss of opportunity if there is no inquiry form.

Another big point is that you can make inquiries more easily than by telephone, and the service provider does not have to keep the telephone operator on standby.

However, it is impossible to create an inquiry form using only HTML, and if you try to create it from scratch, you will need knowledge of programs such as PHP.If you ask a general software company to produce it, it will cost more than 1 yen.

In addition, there are many companies that rent out inquiry forms on the Web.In this case, there are various functions, but if it is cheap, you can use it for a few hundred yen to a few thousand yen a month.

In fact, you can easily create such inquiry forms and survey systems by using a function called "Google Forms" in Google Workspace.Of course, there is no additional charge. It can be used as a basic function of Google Workspace.You can also use it with a free Google account (gmail.com).

This time, I will show you how to create an inquiry form using Google Forms.

Let's make an inquiry form

Now let's create an inquiry form.

One Google Form is treated as one Google Doc.

First of all,Google driveGo to, open the appropriate folder where you want to create the Google Forms, and press the new button.

Select "Google Forms" from Others.

The Google Forms creation screen is displayed.First, enter a name and description for this form.

Next, when making an inquiry, we will register the items to be entered by the user. These items are referred to as "questions" in Google Forms.

This time I will make an inquiry form, so I will ask the following questions.

  • Furigana (if you entered your name in kanji Chinese characters)
  • Email Address
  • Your Message

First is your name.There is already an item called "Untitled Question", so edit it.

Change the title of the question to "Name" and the format of the question from the radio button to "Descriptive".A descriptive expression is a one-line text box-style question.

This is all you need to ask your name.Then make a question for your email address.Press the "+" button on the right to add a question.

A new question will be added, so change the title to "email address" and the format to "descriptive".

For this question, any input other than your email address can be an error.Press "︙" at the bottom right and select "Data Validation" from the question settings menu.

Additional setting items will be displayed. Select "Text"-> "Email Address" from the left.You can also customize the error message with custom error text.

This will prevent you from making mistakes in entering your email address.

In addition, I want this question to be a required item, so let's turn on the required switch.

Let's add the last question "Inquiry content".For multi-line questions such as inquiry content, the format is "paragraph".

I want to make this item mandatory as well, so let's turn on the mandatory switch.

With the above, all the questions have been registered.Let's check what the page looks like here.

You can check the actual page by pressing the preview icon on the upper right.

Now let's change the design.The default design is dull, isn't it? Google Forms has many themes.

You can select other theme colors by selecting the color palette icon in the upper right.This time, let's select the picture icon at the bottom right.

Various themes can be selected.Let's select the image you like.

The theme has been reflected!

Next, set the message to be displayed after the inquiry.By default, the message "I recorded the answer." Is displayed, which is a bit inappropriate in this case.

From the settings icon in the upper right, select the Presentation tab and enter a confirmation message.

If you don't need to, uncheck "Show link to send another answer".

Finally, set up to notify you by email when you receive an inquiry.

From the "︙" menu on the Answers tab, check "Receive email notifications about new answers".

This completes the inquiry form!

Let's publish the inquiry form

Next, we will publish the inquiry form.There are three ways to publish.

  • Notify by email
  • Link the form to your website.
  • Embed a form on your website.

Email is likely to be available for surveys for specific people.This time it will be the inquiry form set up on the website, so let's try to link to the inquiry form.

If you want to match the design with the website as much as possible, the method of embedding is good.

You can check the URL of the form from the link tab by pressing "Submit" at the top right of the screen.For email and embedding, you can check from the left and right tabs.

After that, paste the URL as a link on your website and the inquiry form is completed.

Check the answer

You can check the contents of your inquiry on the Answer tab.You can also set it to automatically export your answers to Google Sheets. Select the Google Sheets icon and select a new spreadsheet.

After that, your inquiry will be written to Google Sheets as well.

If you make a spreadsheet, it is convenient because you can use it for status management such as whether you answered or not.


Previously, Google Forms was one of the features of Google Sheets, but it's nicely independent and well-featured, making it very easy to create.

This time, we introduced only the basic functions, but you can create unexpected details such as additional questions for specific answers and the ability to display the total score and test on the Web.

If your website doesn't have a contact form, why not create one with Google Forms?