Utilization of Google Workspace

I tried how much I could do with the Google Spreadsheets app on my smartphone

I tried how much I could do with the Google Spreadsheets app on my smartphone

The strength of Google Workspace is that you can access your files anytime, anywhere.That's because I told you on this site as well.

When browsing files on the go, the smartphone and tablet apps work smoothly and conveniently. Google provides a dedicated application for Google Docs for both iOS and Android, and you can create and modify files without a computer.

Is it really possible to create materials on a smartphone without a personal computer on the go?

This time, I tried to see how much material can be created with the "Google Spreadsheet" app on such a smartphone!

The spreadsheet part can be used without problems

This time, using the Google Spreadsheets app on the iPhone 6 Plus, I created a table that calculates the population of prefectures and their totals in a new file.

You can create a new file by launching the app and pressing "+".

The size of the screen you care about, but the default is the left side, and if you pinch in (shrink the screen with your thumb and index finger), you can reduce it to 25%. Since the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches, you can check a wide range even with a smartphone.The zooming operation is very smooth.

Naturally, characters and numbers are entered using the keyboard of the smartphone.When you enter and press the line feed key, the cell moves down so you can enter quickly.

Also, when entering a function, it is very convenient because you can search for the desired function from the list of functions by category by pressing the fx button.Even after the function was decided, the range of cells could be specified as when operating on a PC, so the total value (SUM) could be specified without using the keyboard at all.

You can do the basics of cell formatting and text decoration.

I was able to create a simple table by adding cell colors and borders.

There is a difference in function between the iOS version and the Android version

So far, there are differences in functionality between the PC browser version, the Android version, and the iOS version.I have summarized the main functions in a table.

  PC (browser) Android version iOS
Text decoration (I.e. (I.e. (I.e.
Conditional formatting (I.e. (I.e. ×
Cell decoration (I.e. (I.e. (I.e.
Named range (I.e. (I.e. ×
Display / add comments (I.e. (I.e. (I.e.
Add / edit graph (I.e. △ (simple) ×
Input rules (I.e. × ×
Pivot table (I.e. × ×

I tried adding a graph on the Android version

Since it is not possible to create a graph on the iPhone, I tried to graph the table created on the iPhone using Xperia (Android).

Specify the cell that will be the range of the graph, and select "Graph" from the Insert menu.At this point you will see a preview of the graph.
If you want to change the graph type, you can change from "Type" to another graph.

At the moment, the graph settings that can be changed in the Android version are "Graph type", "Legend position", "Title", and "Graph color".

With that said, we have completed the tables and graphs by prefecture!


I felt that the spreadsheet part can be used normally because the basic cell operations can be edited with a smartphone.The operation is smooth and optimized for the UI when using a smartphone, so it will not be difficult to use because it is a smartphone.

However, unfortunately, it was not possible to edit the detailed settings of graphs, input rules, pivot tables, etc. with the smartphone app at this stage.

For such files, it seems that it is good to use such as "draft on the smartphone while moving and finish it carefully on the PC", "finely modify the material created on the PC with the smartphone".

I think that the difference between the PC browser version and the application will become smaller in the future, so I would like to expect it in the future.