Utilization of Google Workspace

Insanely progress! Introducing a collaborative work case of Google Spreadsheets

Insanely progress! Introducing a collaborative work case of Google Spreadsheets

One of the powerful features of Google Docs is the "Collaboration" feature. I'm sure some of you are using Google Docs but have never used "collaboration".

Collaborative work revolutionizes the work of creating materials with multiple people.

This time, I would like to introduce the case of actually collaborating on Google Sheets and tell you about the advantages of the collaborative function.

Share the creation of quotation materials with colleagues

I also undertake system development at work, and I often do estimation work.

If your system is large, you may need to work with your colleagues to create a quote, which can be very helpful in "collaboration."

Estimating is roughly divided into two tasks: "identifying functions" and "calculating man-hours".

By using collaborative work, a colleague can be in charge of "identifying functions" and I can share the work with "man-hour calculation" and edit one file at the same time in real time.

It's very efficient because while chatting or hanging out with a colleague about a feature of the system, the colleague adds a line of features and I instantly enter the man-hours.

If you don't collaborate ...

If you do not collaborate, you will not be able to edit the files at the same time even if you share the work, so you will not be able to enter the man-hours until the functions of your colleagues have been identified, and you will inevitably have to wait.
Also, if you are not sharing files, you will have to exchange files by email, which will be very inefficient.

You can communicate on the same screen

Google Docs has communication capabilities to help you collaborate.

You can chat on the same screen, and you can exchange comments for each cell, so you don't have to specify the characters "It's an A3 cell ...".


With Google Docs collaboration, you can do things like writing together on a large piece of paper on a single table, even if you're far away.

Also, since you can work at the same time while consulting with the other person, it may be easy to come up with ideas that you couldn't think of by yourself.

Please use the collaboration function of Google Docs.