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[Google Workspace experience story XNUMX] Schedule adjustment well with sharing function

[Google Workspace experience story XNUMX] Schedule adjustment well with sharing function

This time, I asked people who are actually using Google Workspace how they are actually using it!

I would like to introduce it at once.

Name: Mai
Industry: Web Designer
Number of users: 5

A woman in her late twenties, her job is web design.My job is mainly to create websites at the request of companies and individuals, and also to design menus and leaflets.The company is very small and there are always 20 to 4 people including me, but since it is a shift system, the attendance will be different.

Since one or three people may work on one project, it has been troublesome to check who has progressed to what extent.Therefore, we decided to incorporate Google Workspace to make it easier to check the tasks of "who is in charge of what kind of work" and "what work is done and what is not yet".

The most convenient thing about this Google Workspace is that you can share your calendar with your colleagues.

If you add a colleague's calendar from "Other calendars" in Google Calendar, you can immediately check the calendar and the appointments written there.For example, if you have to finish the design of ○○ by January 1, you can tell it to other colleagues just by writing it on the date part of the calendar.You don't have to check the schedule to see how long XX will last, so it doesn't take much time.

Alternatively, you can upload a document file on Google Drive and store it there, or share it with your colleagues.This is also very easy because you don't have to save it to USB and hand it over.I especially liked the fact that many PDFs can be used for design materials.With the text chat "Hangouts", you can communicate outside or at home, and this is not only text but also video.

Therefore, you can also have a simple video conference with a distant business partner.I also found it very convenient to have a place that can accommodate up to 15 people.

Don't forget the feature called Google Sites.By creating a simple site and sharing the site with other users, you can also convey the image of this design.

There are various other useful functions, but above all, I think it is good that the range of "information sharing" is wide.

If you work in IT or design, you will find it very convenient enough to use it.

Name: myu
Industry: Student
Number of users: XNUMX

The scene where I use Google Workspace is in the activities of the circle.

I especially use Google Calendar.As a manager, I adjust the activity days every month, but it used to take a lot of time to coordinate the communication.

Because the number of people who belong to the circle is 62.It was not half-hearted to grasp the schedule of such a large number of people and reflect it on the activity day.However, I feel that sharing the Google Sheets and having the members of the circle fill in the days when they cannot participate makes it easier and easier to adjust the schedule.

In addition, the activity schedule of the circle can be shared among the members of the circle, so it is a great pleasure to be able to check and adjust the schedule anytime and anywhere.

Information should always be up to date.I think Google Workspace, where everyone can share, view and edit that information, is a very easy-to-use tool that allows you to update information quickly and easily.

In both cases, it seems that Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets are shared among members and used well for schedule adjustment.

It seems difficult to adjust the schedule for 60 people. .. ..Certainly, if you share Google Sheets, everyone can access the same file at the same time, so it seems that you will have minimal email exchange.

I would like to continue to report on the experiences of people from various industries!

Well then!