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How to increase your Google Workspace email address for free

How to increase your Google Workspace email address for free

Google Workspace typically creates one email address for one user.

So, for example, if a new employee joins the company and needs a new email address, you will need to add Google Workspace users, which will incur the cost of one user.

So, do I have to pay to add a company representative email address like info@example.com or an email address for inquiries like support@example.com?

In fact, Google Workspace allows you to increase your email address for free in several ways.

Let's take a look now.

Use email address aliases

The easiest way is to use the email address alias function.No settings are required and you can use it immediately.

For example, the email address suzuki@dontokoiapps.com

suzuki + any string @ dontokoiapps.com

You can create the address.

Example: suzuki + twitter@dontokoiapps.com

You can do the same with your @ gmail.com address.

The alias function means another address of the user,All emails sent to the alias will reach the user's main address..

You can use it as a sub address.

Use the alias function of Google Workspace

This is also the same alias function, but the above method was the rule of "user name + arbitrary character string", but this isYou can create an email address of any character string.

This needs to be set on the management screen of Google Workspace. Let's log in to the management screen of Google Workspace.

Select a user.

Then select the user for whom you want to create the alias.

Select an account.

Click the Add Alias ​​link and enter the address you want to create.

The alias is now created!

This method can use any user name, but of course it cannot use an address that already exists.Also, the settings require administrator privileges, so users cannot add them by themselves.

Use a group

Google Workspace has a feature called groups.

You can create a group for each department and each project and have multiple users participate.

You can create any one email address for the group, and emails sent to this email address will be forwarded to the users who are in the group.Can be used as a mailing list.

Now let's create a group.

Group settings can be found in Other Settings.

Click Create Group.

Enter the group name and email address.Please read the explanation and specify the appropriate access level.

A group has been created!Now let's add users to this group.

Click Manage Users.

Enter the email addresses of the users who will join the group.If you are the owner of a group, add it as an owner.

This completes the group settings, but as it is, the group's email address can only be received from within this organization (domain).

For example, in order to post the group's email address for inquiries on the homepage so that emails from third parties can be received, a little more setting is required.

Click Access Settings.

Select Basic Permissions and also select "Open House" in the Post field.

Don't forget the save button at the end!

You can now also receive emails from outsiders to this group's email address.Only posts (posts by email address) are authorized, so outsiders cannot access this group.


So far, we have introduced three ways to increase your email address for free.

If the number of users actually increases, you will need to purchase an account, but you can increase the number of department addresses and email addresses for inquiries by using the method introduced here.