Utilization of Google Workspace

Overtime hours have been reduced in Google Workspace!What is that method?

Do you all work overtime?

Recently, due to problems such as overtime work and death from overtime, companies have taken various measures such as no overtime days and restrictions on overtime hours, and I feel that their awareness of "overtime" is gradually changing.

Even on GoogleWomenwillA project called "Let's review the way we work so far and change it to a more flexible and efficient way of working" is being tackled, and how to solve various problems using technology like Google is introduced. ..

this time,Succeeded in reducing overtime hours by making good use of Google Calendar in Google WorkspaceI would like to introduce the case study that was posted.

Do Japanese love overtime?

"" Introduced on the Womenwill siteWork Style Reform Promotion GuideAccording to the report, the percentage of Japanese long-time workers is 21.3%.It's about three times that of Sweden.Moreover, Japan's labor productivity level is one of the lowest in developed countries such as the United States and France.

Roughly speaking, this situation is "Japanese people are working lazilyIt seems that it can be said (^ _ ^;)

Cultures vary from country to country.In particular, Japanese people are serious and often end up working overtime without having to keep up with the surrounding atmosphere, saying, "Everyone is working, so it's hard to go home ...".

On the contrary, it can be said that this problem can be improved if it is not sloppy.

"Don't work overtime" is meaningless

"No overtime day"I think that many companies are adopting, but if efficiency and productivity do not change,It is "procrastination of work"In the end, I end up working late at night or working on holidays before the deadline.

This doesn't make sense because the total amount of time you work doesn't change.
So what should I do?

How to reduce overtime

In one of Womenwill's efforts, "Work Shorter Leave Time Planning Trial," we asked actual companies to do the following and verified whether the average time spent in the office would be shortened.
  • Introduce a shared calendar
  • Register all your appointments in the calendar, including personal work.
  • Also register a private appointment.
As a result, it seems that the average time spent at work has decreased.In other words, overtime hours have also decreased.It means that.
Source: Women Will Work Style Reform Promotion Guide
What does this result mean?

“Visualizing” work reduces overtime hours

To summarize this effort briefly,
  • Plan your work
  • Show it to others
It seems that that was done.
The tool used is Google Calendar, which is also available in Google Workspace.
Until now, I think that many personal work management methods have been based on personal style, such as "paper notebooks and notebooks," "Excel files," and "sticky notes on the display."I don't manage anything inside, and I randomly do the work in front of me.There may have been a person who said.
For those who have managed to get the job done by registering appointments on Google Calendar,You can get a bird's-eye view of your work and work efficiently.Isn't it now?This seems to be the "first visualization". 

In addition, Google Calendar, which is available in Google Workspace, allows you to share (publish) your own or colleagues' appointments.

For those who have been working with slapsticks by disclosing to the team the work schedule of individuals whose information tends to be closed,A more realistic work plan and increased productivityIt seems.

Also, in this effortRegister private appointmentsIt seems that he tried to do it.

I thought, "Well, I'll release private information too !?", but I'll limit my private schedule to "[Private]" and don't write any details.

By doing this, for example, if you plan to have dinner outside with your family, if you register "19: 00-22: 00 [Private]" in advance, "It seems that you can not work overtime today."You can also consider the surroundings..That's why.

Publishing this schedule as a team is the "second visualization".

Summary – Reform of “awareness” and “tools” is important

In this way, by using Google Calendar to make a work plan with a clear view and publishing the work plan, you can work more independently and you can say that the work has been completed. 

I think it is necessary to change each person's "consciousness" and "tools" in order to realize "work style reform."You can't just decide on a day when the company won't work overtime.

Google Workspace, which places particular emphasis on team collaboration, is an essential tool for this effort.