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[Google Workspace Experience XNUMX] How to use Google Workspace for musicians

[Google Workspace Experience XNUMX] How to use Google Workspace for musicians

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This time, I was able to ask musicians how to use Google Workspace, so I would like to introduce it.

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How to use Google Workspace for musicians

Name: zazou
Industry: Music / Events
Number of users: 5 to 10

I am a catering service and musician for events.

I use Google Workspace to meet and communicate with people who are hard to meet because people are suffering from both tasks and I am busy in a flashy industry.Even during the busy season, I can talk about things without actually getting together, so I think that work efficiency has been improved considerably.

In the music field, I used to use email to exchange sound sources and musical score data to be played during live performances, but I'm a little worried when dealing with unpublished sound data related to copyright. I was feeling.However, by placing the data in Google Workspace cloud, it is protected by a high degree of security (including 2-step verification), so you can proceed with your work with peace of mind.

Also, I have to go to the studio for rehearsals other than the actual performance, which is very helpful when planning the schedule.Until now, each support musician had to ask each other about their schedule and make arrangements, but each person can use a spreadsheet to put in a schedule that suits them or exchange comments immediately. So it seems like a musician to be frustrated because the place and date haven't been decided until just before, and "I contacted you but didn't see the email"?The hema has disappeared a lot.

After that, people who don't play music often think that they are co-starring with a relationship that they know each other well, but in many cases they meet for the first time on the day of the actual performance or the day of recording.Or rather, I think there are more of them.

Sometimes I have to play with people who occasionally come to Japan from abroad.I'm a shy person, so it's okay if the performance starts, but when I first met someone I didn't know at all, I was nervous and it was hard.But recently, using Google Workspace Meet, I can get a feel for the other person by meeting in advance and having a little conversation, so if you have a good impression, you can look forward to it on the day with confidence. Even if that is not the case, I can devise countermeasures and be prepared, so I think that I was able to get to know the best performance quickly.

After that, when planning an event, you can send flyers to each space, and when you create a menu card for each catering event, you can see at a glance what and how much you created, where and how many copies you sent, so there are multiple It is also very useful in the work that must be done in cooperation with.

Impressions of the caretaker

Listen to this storyGoogle Workspace is used in various industriesI felt that again.

Why is Google Workspace used in so many different situations, including general companies, construction sites, and musicians?

One of the answers is "No need to install dedicated software to use Google WorkspaceIs possible.

For example, if you want to create a live schedule in a spreadsheet and share it with everyone, just email the URL to them.The recipient isIt is possible to view and edit on a browser without dedicated software such as Excel..

Even in Hangouts (video conference), you can have a video conference just by sending the URL of the conference room of Hangouts by e-mail or chat saying "Access here".

Within one company, the system environment such as PC, OS, and software used by employees can be unified, but this is not the case with a team of individuals, freelancers, and professional craftsmen like this one. Hmm.When I want to share a file, I almost always say "I can't see it on my Mac" or "I can't see it because I don't have Excel."

Google Workspace is all you need is a browser.

この"Easy to share" is the reason why Google Workspace is used in various industriesI think it is one of them.

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