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[Google Workspace experience story XNUMX] Make Google Drive a portal site and share information

[Google Workspace experience story XNUMX] Make Google Drive a portal site and share information

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This time, Mr. Sachiyo, who worked for a foreign-affiliated manufacturer, asked me about an interesting way to use Google Workspace, so I would like to introduce it.

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How to use Google Workspace of Mr. F who works for a foreign-affiliated manufacturer

Name: Sachiyo
Industry: Manufacturer
Number of users: 20

How did you use Google Workspace?

I am in charge of accounting at a foreign-affiliated manufacturer, but I decided to use Google Workspace for the first time since I joined the company.

When I was working as a salesperson at another company, there was a lot of data that could not be confirmed without looking at the internal intranet due to strict security, so it was inconvenient to go back to the company.

Even today's company used its own schedule management and email service at first, but it had the disadvantage that it took time to work.For example, after checking the schedule, I opened an email to contact and then re-schedule ... it was very inefficient.

Since the introduction of Google Workspace, they have become very smooth.

Since the schedule and emails I use privately were also Google, it may be that I was able to use it immediately after introduction.

Useful features of Google Workspace

The most convenient thing I was using was email. For Gmail, the address domain was the company name.

Previously, some employees were banned from using it outside the company, but I think it's convenient to use it on the go after using Google Workspace.

My boss and colleagues were often on business trips abroad, and I had a hard time making time for meetings, but since the introduction of Google Workspace, it has become possible to secure time for meetings more quickly.All the different tools for email, scheduler, and chat have come together, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Until now, I had to attach all monthly accounting reports by e-mail or put them in the intranet.When I was a busy boss, I sometimes forgot to check and sent attachments many times.

After becoming Google Workspace, you can share files online, so you don't have to manage too many attachments and you can share them immediately when you need to modify them.Thanks to that, there is no need to send it many times.

Interesting Google Workspace features

We created a portal site by creating a common dedicated folder that connects to sales on the internal network. Since it is a website, you can access it from anywhere you have an internet environment, but you can set the range that can be published, so you can improve security.

In addition to being able to post information that is always shared with sales, such as sales forecasts, we have also set aside knowledge that new sales people should know.

I have no knowledge of websites, but I easily created my own portal site.

In terms of information sharing, there is no better tool than Google Workspace.

Impressions of the caretaker

It is a case unique to foreign-affiliated companies that many bosses travel overseas. With Google Workspace, which runs 100% web-basedNo matter where you are in Japan or abroad, you can easily share information as long as you are connected to the internet...Perhaps the conference call by Hangouts was also frequently used.

Another good point is that Google Drive file sharing was used well instead of email attachments.By sharing the location of the file (URL), the other party canYou can always check the latest files.

I created a portal site on Google Drive and shared knowledgeThat's also an interesting point. Since Google Drive has a URL for each folder, you can also use it as a portal site.Full-text search is possible, and access control is also free because you can set sharing for each folder or file.

As Mr. Sachiyo said,Information sharing is the strongest point of Google WorkspaceI think it 's.

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