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[Google Workspace experience story XNUMX] What is Google Workspace utilization method at a special construction site?

[Google Workspace experience story XNUMX] What is Google Workspace utilization method at a special construction site?

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This time, Mr. F, who worked at the construction site, was able to talk about how each function of Google Workspace was used at the site, so I would like to introduce it.

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How to use Google Workspace of Mr. F who works at a construction site

Name: Mr. F
Industry: Construction industry
Number of users: 10

When I started subcontracting work at a construction site, I used it for the purpose of contacting the prime contractor and sharing files.

First of all, Gmail was mainly used as an instruction from the main contractor and as a communication tool between subcontractors.

At a construction site, multiple companies are working on-site at the same time.However, if the site is large, it is difficult to grasp the work contents of all companies.In such a case, I was able to proceed smoothly by sharing detailed work contents with Gmail.

Next is the shared calendar, which I used to share the monthly process at the site.Normally, the on-site supervisors of each company gather once a month to hold a process meeting, but depending on the daily progress, the work often does not proceed according to the process.

With the shared calendar, even if the process changes, you can quickly correct it and share it easily.As a result, the number of meetings was reduced, which helped save time.

Next is the spreadsheet, which I used to create the file to submit to the prime contractor.

At the construction site, you have to submit a wide variety of documents such as new admission, KYK, completed documents, and daily reports.However, creating the data in a spreadsheet and sharing it with the prime contractor saved me the trouble of printing the documents, which was very convenient.

Next is Google Slides, which I used to create presentation materials for the monthly safety competition.

Normally, the representative of each company (site director) has to create it, but since Google Slides can be shared and edited with other users in real time, it can be created together with other workers and the material can be created smoothly. I was able to create.

Finally, Google Drive was used to share PDF drawings and construction photos of construction sites.

I usually print drawings and carry them around, but when it comes to dozens of sheets, it becomes a baggage and is not easy to carry.However, if you put the data in Google Drive, you can check the drawing at any time with one smartphone or tablet.Furthermore, by converting it into data, it was very convenient to easily check small numbers and letters that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

In addition, the site supervisor has the task of taking construction photos every day.I usually save it on the SD card of the camera and transfer the data to the computer after the site is over, but at that time I often accidentally erased the photo data.However, if you use cloud storage, you can take a construction photo and transfer the data immediately, so you did not have to worry about erasing the data by mistake.

[From the manager] Google Workspace is a big success even in a special environment such as a construction site

It seems that Google Workspace was widely used using smartphones and tablets even in the special environment of construction sites where desk work and field work intersect.In particular, the fact that the process management of the construction period was managed and shared on Google Calendar is ... a hat tip.

If you weren't using Google Workspace and attached the material by email, you might have been wondering, "Where was the latest drawing you received by email at the end ..." Hmm. With Google Workspace, it's always up-to-date because it just tells you the URL of the file.

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