Utilization of Google Workspace

[Google Workspace Experience XNUMX] Why did you start using Google Workspace, which you did not intend to use?

[Google Workspace Experience XNUMX] Why did you start using Google Workspace, which you did not intend to use?

I would like to introduce the experiences of Google Workspace this time as well.

Name: Mr. Futaba
Industry: Web Designer
Number of users: 3

I didn't intend to use Google Workspace at first.I thought it would be better to use another service for this.

However, the opportunities to use Google apps and tools for work have increased considerably, so I started using Google Workspace, which allows me to organize accounts.

The main usage is to synchronize it with a device such as a tablet and show it when you meet and talk with the other person in person. You can manage table files like Excel and text files like word all at once, and you can put most of the files you need in Google Drive, which is also convenient.Even though the storage is a plan of 500 yen, it is quite large and I am happy that it is easy to use.

To put it simply, I think Google Workspace is a mechanism that allows you to use Google tools cheaply for business purposes.

Self-employed people and small companies don't want to spend a lot of money on this kind of tool.However, security is a concern for free or cheap tools.Google Apps covered that well.

Google Apps starts at 500 yen.Even though it's so cheap, the security is that Google, so it's quite reassuring, and it's much more credible than the cloud business tools of a lesser-known company.

Of course, human error spills are not guaranteed to occur, but Google minimizes that risk.Also, I feel that it is a very convenient and very good service to be able to synchronize with almost anything that I allow.

Certainly, I think that there are many people who use Google services in business such as Google Analytics, Youtube, Adword, AdSense.

If you have a Google Workspace account, you can use the same account for all Google services, so there is an advantage that it can be operated more simply.

In addition, Google Workspace administrators can limit the Google services that can be used for each account, so I think Google Workspace is a good option for organizations that utilize Google services in their business.