Utilization of Google Workspace

Can multiple people reuse one Google Workspace account?

Can multiple people reuse one Google Workspace account?


In the Google Workspace question corner, the most frequently asked question is "Can one account be used by multiple people?Is the content.

Certainly, in Google Workspace, there is a charge for each account, so depending on the purpose of use, there may be cases where you want to use one account for multiple people to keep costs down.

Is this usage available in Google Workspace?I did some research.

I actually tried it

I decided to actually try it.

First, log in with the same account on one PC with another type of browser and try editing Google Docs at the same time.

It looks okay.The cursor position and edited contents are reflected in real time, just like when editing at the same time with another account.

Even though it is a different browser, it may be working well because it is on the same PC and the same network.In this state, try editing the same file on a smartphone that is not connected to Wi-Fi.

This seems to be okay too.

Although it is not edited at the same time, it seems that it can be used from different networks and terminals without displaying any errors or warnings.

Can multiple people reuse one account?

Upon further investigation, Google's official help stated the following:

Gmail accounts are designed for use by a single user. Frequent access to a single account by multiple users from different locations can reach Gmail limits and temporarily lock your account.

Source: Sharing accounts with multiple users (Google Workspace Administrator Help)

It is that.It seems that it is okay to try it above, but if there is "frequent" access from "various places", that is, "various terminals and networks",Your account may be temporarily lockedIt seems.

I have never experienced a locked state, but it seems that my account will be suspended for a certain period of time.

So Google tooIt seems that simultaneous use to some extent is allowed, but since it was originally designed with 1 user = 1 account, excessive use is not allowedSounds like that.

Disadvantages of using one account for multiple people

So what are the disadvantages of using one account with multiple people?I thought about it for a moment.

I don't know who updated the file

Google Drive keeps track of file updates.If you have multiple people using the same account, you won't know who edited the file.

I don't know if the email has been read

In Gmail, opened emails are marked as read, but when someone first opens the email, it is marked as read, so people who log in later cannot check unread emails and miss important emails. You may end up with it.

Password leakage risk

Of course, the same password is managed by multiple people, which increases the risk of password leakage.

There are likely to be various other disadvantages as well.

For normal use, we recommend using 1 user: 1 account.