Utilization of Google Workspace

No CMS required! ?? Easily update your website with Google Docs

No CMS required! ?? Easily update your website with Google Docs

I want to update my website page anytime, anywhere!I think many people think that.

At restaurants, it would be convenient if you could update today's recommended menus quickly with your smartphone.

In such a case, it can be realized if you have introduced an expensive site construction system called CMS (content management system), but you can easily update the information on the website by using Google Docs.

This time, I will introduce how to use Google Docs as a simple CMS.

Create Google Docs

First, let's create Google Docs.

The content can be anything, but this time, I would like to create information on the "Today's Lunch Menu" that Western restaurants update every day.

What you write in this Google Docs can be displayed on your website as it is.

You can easily create a web page without knowing HTML.

Embed a document in a website

Once created, let's publish it on the web.

Select "Publish to Web ..." from the File menu.

There are two ways to publish, URL link and embed.

This time, it will be displayed by embedding it in a part of the original homepage, so click the "Publish" button from the "Embed" tab.

Copy the HTML code you see and paste it into your website.

At this time, it will be embedded with an HTML tag called an iframe tag, but let's add a width attribute and a height attribute to match the width and height of the site.

The height depends on the document settings, so please adjust accordingly. 900px is the size that all A4 vertical heights are displayed.

<iframe src=”ドキュメントのURL” width = ”100%” height = ”900px”>

Editing is OK anytime, anywhere

You have now embedded an information page on your home page that can be updated anytime, anywhere.

If you use the smartphone version of the Google Docs app, you can edit from your smartphone or tablet.

It can be applied to a part of the site such as "new menu information" and "store manager's tweet", so it seems that it can be used in various scenes depending on the idea.

In addition to Google Docs, you can also embed Google spreadsheets and Google slides, so the usage scene is likely to expand further.

Below is the Google Docs that I actually embedded in this article.