Benefits of Google Workspace

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Group edition

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Group edition

One of the important features of groupware is the "mailing list".

A mailing list is like combining multiple email addresses into one representative email address, and when an email arrives at the representative email address, it is automatically forwarded to the registered email address.That is.

If you create a mailing list in your department, it is convenient because you do not have to specify the destinations for all members when you send an email to all members.

Of course, you can also create a mailing list in Google Workspace using a function called "group".

This time, let's talk about the benefits of using this "group" function.

[No. 1 advantage of Google Drive] Organizational information is smoothly shared and accumulated

If you use the group function,Information sharing within members will be smoother.

You only need one address, so you don't have to wonder "who was the member?" When sending an email.It is also convenient to be able to specify a group as the sharing range of Google Docs.

In addition, the content posted to the group will be accumulated.

For example, a project team's mailing list keeps a history of how problems that occurred in a project occurred, who solved them, and how they were solved, which can be reviewed later.

It will be a great asset for the organization that the experience value of the team is accumulated as raw data and can be utilized later..

[No. 2 advantage of Google Drive] You can increase your email address for free

You can assign one email address to a group.

You can freely specify before the @ mark in the email address, so you can create an email address such as "" for the email address of the IT department, for example.

It is convenient to create a group email address for inquiries on your website, such as "".Group members can respond immediately by registering the person in charge of inquiries.

of course,There is no additional cost, so you can add as many email addresses as you like.

[The third merit of Google Drive] It also functions as a bulletin board

You can also check the contents exchanged on the mailing list on the Web screen.Of course, basically only the members of the group can see it.

Depending on the sharing settings, you can hide it or make it visible to everyone.

Since there is a web screen, it looks like a web bulletin boardYou can also post to a group from your browser.

Also, if you have a web screen,Even members who joined the group later can also refer to past interactions before they joined..


In this way, mailing lists and web bulletin boards, which can be said to be essential functions of groupware, can also be used in Google Workspace.

Since you can make very detailed settings for each group, you will be able to handle various cases depending on your ideas, such as "QA bulletin board" and "post approval system bulletin board".