Benefits of Google Workspace

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Gmail

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Gmail

In this [Advantages of Google Workspace] series, we will explain the advantages that can be obtained with Google Workspace in a ranking format by function.

This time, let's take a look at the merits of the mail system "Gmail", which is the main function of Google Workspace.

[No. 1 advantage of Gmail] You can give a sense of trust with your own domain

With Google Workspace, you can use your own domain email address.A unique domain is an email address dedicated to your company or service.

As I have mentioned many times on this site, if the email address used for business is a free email address such as @ or @, it may cause anxiety to business partners.

You may be refused work because you think you are not spending money on the minimum necessary things.

Even if the domain maintenance cost is low, it costs several hundred yen a year, and Google Workspace costs 500 yen a month.I can assure you that the value of having your own domain email address is overwhelmingly worth this cost.

The benefits of your own domain areGet your own domain if you want to do business But it is explained, so please read it.

[No. 2 advantage of Gmail] Don't worry about junk mail

Have you deleted the junk e-mails that arrived in your inbox one by one every day?

Also, I was buried in junk e-mail and missed an important e-mail, or accidentally deleted it.Do you have any experience?

If you spend 30 seconds every day deleting junk mail, you're spending 1 minutes a month doing that work. 15 hours in a year.Calculated at an hourly wage of 1 yen, it is 3 yen per year.This is half the annual usage fee for Google Workspace.

The junk e-mail removal function of the mail system "Gmail" installed in Google Workspace is very good, and the junk e-mail is automatically saved in the junk e-mail folder.It also has a virus scan function for attached files.

It's been a few years since I moved my company email to Google Workspace,I hardly remember getting junk mail in my inbox.When I looked at the junk mail folder for the first time in a while, I still received several junk mails a day.

There will probably never be a day when junk mail is gone.But with Google Workspace, you can hide it.

[XNUMXrd merit of Gmail] No need to search for emails

This is another powerful feature of Gmail.

How do you organize your email?

Have you created a folder for each project and moved it from your inbox?

Also, have you ever had a hard time finding the desired email, saying, "It must have been written in that email ..."?

Gmail doesn't require that.

There is a search window on the Gmail screen.

By entering a keyword hereYou can find emails as if you were doing a Google search.

For example, if you want to find the invoice email you received from Mr. Tanaka, enter "Tanaka Invoice" and you should be able to find the desired email immediately.

Gmail also has a feature called archiving.

Archiving is a feature that hides "unnecessary emails" from your inbox that you no longer need to deal with.

Press this button to archive.

The sensation is that the used memo is stored in a binder for storage.It is not a deletion, so you can read it back later.Of course, it also hits the search.

If you archive the finished emails and leave only the emails you need to do now in your inbox,Your important emails will not be buried.

When the other party replies to the archived mail, it will be automatically returned to the inbox, which is a very convenient function.


So far, I have told you about the three benefits.

In addition, Gmail alone is packed with useful functions such as a large capacity of 30GB and access from a smartphone app.

Next time, I'll talk about "Hangouts," which allows you to chat and easily video conferencing.looking forward to!