Benefits of Google Workspace

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Hangouts

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Hangouts

This time, we will tell you the merits of "Hangouts", which is one of the communication functions of Google Workspace, in a ranking format.

Hangouts is a feature that provides a chat and video conferencing system.Following email, it is an indispensable communication tool for today's business.

Let's go fast!

[No. 1 advantage of Hangouts] Cost reduction

After all, the appeal of Hangouts is its high cost-cutting effect.That is.

Generally, in order to introduce a video conferencing system, a TV, a dedicated camera / microphone, and a dedicated telephone line for the system are installed at each site, so initial costs and monthly running costs are incurred.

Hangouts, on the other hand, is a web system, so if you have a PC camera and microphone that are now commonplace, and an internet connection, you can immediately use the video conferencing system.Of course, you can also use it on your smartphone or tablet.

There is no need to purchase a separate machine, and the cost is only the basic charge of Google Workspace, and there is no additional charge.

Of course, being able to use the video conferencing system means that you don't have to go to the site for meetings with the head office, branches, customers, etc.It also saves a lot of transportation costs and travel time..

The biggest advantage of Hangouts is that you can install a video conferencing system that is overwhelmingly cost-effective at no additional cost.

[Second place in the benefits of Hangouts] Improves teamwork

Successful business depends on the smooth communication of the team.It is no exaggeration to say that.

Email and phone are already indispensable communication tools for business, but recently, the method of communicating using chat is also important.

With the chat function of Hangouts, you can share information, exchange opinions, etc.You can convey information more easily and speedily than by email or phone..

Like LINE, pictograms and stamps are also prepared, so it will not be as formal as email, and you should be able to get closer to the other party.

[Hangouts advantage # 3] You can solve problems immediately by sharing the screen.

Hangouts comes standard with screen sharing.The screen sharing function is a function that allows you to share the screen of yourself or the other party's computer.

It is very convenient when you want to explain the material you made to the other party or when you want to solve the trouble of the other party's is a feature that LINE does not have.

I often share the screen when I want the other person to review (confirm) the program I wrote.If you do not share the screen, you need to explain "Please look at the ◯◯ line of the file ◯◯" one by one, and the other party will have to find it more time, which is very inefficient.

In addition, it also has a remote desktop function that allows you to directly operate the other party's screen, which is very useful when teaching how to operate the software or when the system administrator solves a problem on an employee's PC.

Summary – Hangouts is a virtual office

By combining Hangouts and Google Docs co-editing capabilities,Collaborate with remote people as if they were in the same office..Again, this can save you a lot of extra transportation and travel time.

In addition, Japan is a country with many disasters.Even if you cannot go to work due to a typhoon, heavy snow, or an earthquake, it is a big point that you can work as usual in a safe place.