Benefits of Google Workspace

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Google Drive

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Google Drive

In this series that introduces the advantages of Google Workspace in a ranking format, this time we will tell you about the advantages of Google Drive.

Google Drive is a file storage area on the Internet. It is one of the services called online storage and cloud storage such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

You can use up to 15GB with a free Google account, but you can use up to 30GB with Google Workspace.It is also possible to purchase additional capacity.

Let's go fast!

[No. 1 advantage of Google Drive] Do not lose data

Are you worried about putting important files on the internet?

A video that clearly shows that Google Workspace is safeBut as I said, I think it is more dangerous to save it on the hard disk or USB memory of the personal computer.

All data uploaded to Google Drive will be split, encrypted and distributed. One file is not saved as it is on the Google side.Of course, it is also encrypted when uploading or downloading, so data will not be eavesdropped or tampered with.In addition, it even scans for viruses when downloading.

Since data is centrally managed on the cloud,No data will be lost if your computer is damaged, stolen, or lost in an earthquake or fire.If you buy a new computer, you can quickly access your data and resume working.

Also, with Google Drive, you don't have to attach materials to emails.All you have to do is tell us the location (URL) of the file.

Have you ever sent work materials to someone unrelated by email?

You can make detailed sharing settings such as "who can see" files in Google Drive.So if you accidentally send the URL of a file to an unrelated person, that person will not be able to see the file.

Since only the URL is given, the size of the email will be smaller. It's also osaraba because of the annoying thing that "the size of the email was large, so split it up and send it again!"

[No. 2 advantage of Google Drive] Work faster

All your files are in the cloud, so you can access them on the go.You can also access it on your smartphone or tablet, so you don't have to have a PC.

[When I opened the Google Spreadsheet file from my iPhone]

Even if there are urgent requirements from customers on the goIf you have a smartphone, you can browse files, edit files, and send emails, so you can respond quickly..

By the way, Google Drive comes with a high-performance viewer.You can see not only images (.jpg and .png) but also files that normally require special software such as Excel (.xlsx), Word (.docx), PDF (.pdf) and Photoshop (.psd). You don't have to worry about the environment of the recipient to whom you want to send the file.

[The third advantage of Google Drive] No hassle of searching for files

Like Gmail, the Google Drive screen has a search window,You can easily find the desired file as if you were doing a Google search..

It searches not only the file name but also the contents of the file.How, even the characters written in the image (English only) hit the search.

File search can be completed in an instant.After all, Google is strong in search.

Summary-It's like a computer on the Internet

That's all about the benefits of Google Drive.

Google Drive is no longer just cloud storage.

When you manage and edit files in Google Drive, you get the illusion that you are operating one different computer.

This is because file management like Windows Explorer and Mac Finder can be performed on the browser, and spreadsheet software can be used as if operating Excel.

As long as such a personal computer environment is connected to the Internet, it can be accessed from anywhere.The environment you used to work in the office can be used on your home PC. Regardless of the difference in OS such as Windows and

When I get to the goal of Google Drive, I feel that my current computer is no longer a computer.The reason is that the computer terminal is OK as long as the browser works.