Benefits of Google Workspace

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Google Spreadsheet Edition

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Google Spreadsheet Edition

In this series that introduces the advantages of Google Workspace in a ranking format, this time we will tell you about the advantages of Google Spreadsheets.

[No. XNUMX advantage of Google Spreadsheet] No need to buy Excel

It costs 10 yen to purchase Excel for 148,000 people.It will be an old version after a few years and you will have to buy a new version for everyone.

With Google Sheets, you can use almost the same functions as Excel.In addition to spreadsheet functions, you can also calculate statistical information with filters, conditional formatting, and pivot tables, and you can also draw graphs. Even with advanced usage such as "I'm automating with VBA macros", you can do the same with the "Apps script" that replaces it.

The appeal of Google Sheets isNo need to buy Microsoft Excel..That's right.

Most of the things that Excel can't do with Google Sheets are around the decoration of cells and graphs, so the essential part of spreadsheet software is Google Sheets.

Also, because it works in the browserThere is no need to install it for each PC, and since it is always the latest version, there is no need to update the software..

Of course, you can also convert Google Sheets to an Excel file (.xlsx) (and vice versa), so if the recipient wants Excel, you can do that.

[The second best advantage of Google Spreadsheets] Collaborative work finishes quickly

It is a common story for multiple people to create materials at the same time.

Due to the structure of the file system, it is basically impossible for multiple people to edit one file on the hard disk.Even if you put the file on a shared server, while someone is editing the file, others have to wait for it to finish.

Google Sheets has overturned that common sense.Multiple people can edit the file at the same time.

What this means is that you can do the shared work of "Mr. Tanaka corrects column A and Mr. Suzuki corrects column B" in the same sheet of one file at the same time.

Being able to edit at the same time means that the work will be completed sooner..

A concrete example of collaboration is "Insanely progress! Introducing a collaborative work case of Google SpreadsheetsPlease have a look, as it is also introduced in.

[XNUMXrd advantage of Google Spreadsheet] Aggregated data can be published on the Web as it is

This is also a function unique to Google Spreadsheets, which is a web application.

The Google Spreadsheet file has one URL, so you can publish it on the Web.Since you can easily publish the aggregated data and graphs as Web contents,No need to bother transcribing to HTML.

You can also easily create an inquiry form or questionnaire form on your website by using "Google Forms", which is one of the Google documents. It is also possible to immediately publish the aggregated results of the questionnaire data aggregated by Google Forms on the Web.

For an example of using Google Forms, see "You can make it crispy!How to make a free inquiry formPlease have a look, as we have introduced it in detail.

Since it has such "functions unique to Web applications",You can create various web contents depending on your ideas.

[No. 4 merit of Google Spreadsheet] The tragedy that the PC freezes and is rewritten ... does not occur

While creating the materials on the PC, when I went to the bathroom for a while and came back, the PC was frozen ... The last time I saved it was 1 hour ago \ (^ o ^) /.

If you are working on a PC, you probably have experienced it.

If you're creating material with Google Docs, including Google Sheets, that tragedy won't happen.

Even if your PC freezes, your hard disk breaks, or your PC suddenly disappears, the files are automatically saved in the cloud so you can easily resume your work.


Google Sheets is an attractive tool that makes it possible to achieve [de-Excel].No more worrying about high Excel licensing costs.

If you can't believe it, you can use it for free if you have a gmail account, so please give it a try. After an hour, you might think, "You don't need Excel!" .. ..