Google Apps for Work renamed to G Suite

Google Apps for Work renamed to G Suite

today,Google Cloud Japan Official BlogIt was announced that "Google Apps for Work" was renamed to "G Suite".

In the 10 years since we released Google Apps, we've been experimenting with how users can communicate closely, focus on their most important tasks, and contribute to the growth of your business. , We have accumulated know-how.

We are renewing from "Google Apps for Work" to "G Suite" in order to deliver this Google mission more accurately.

That is.I think the reading is "G-Sweet".

"Suite" is a word often used in software product names.It is often used for packaged products that have multiple software as a set.

Certainly, "Google Apps" is a "Google application", so it may not be suitable in the sense of "communication of mission" as Google says.

Specifically, "Google Apps for Work" has become "G Suite Basic", and the top plan of 1,200 yen per month has been changed from "Google Apps with unlimited storage and Vault" to "G Suite Business". ..

Therefore, this blog has also been renamed to "Dontokoi! Google Apps" and "Dontokoi! G Suite".Also, the part described as "Google Apps" in the past article has been changed to "G Suite".

We look forward to your continued support of "Dontokoi! G Suite". m (_ _) m