[Limited time offer] Spring 15% OFF campaign has started! (Finished)

[Limited time offer] Spring 15% OFF campaign has started!

[This campaign has ended]

Starting today, Google Workspace Business Standard is in its first year15% OFFWe have started offering coupons!

Probably only this site offers 15% OFF coupons!The number of coupons is limitedSo, if you are considering it, please apply as soon as possible.

You can also use it to upgrade from Starter!

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[Limited time offer] Spring 15% OFF campaign has started!

* Business Starter coupons will continue to be 10% off.

Below are five benefits of choosing the Standard plan, so please refer to them.

Benefits of choosing the Standard plan over Starter

[Part 2] The upper limit of data capacity has been increased to XNUMXTB

The maximum amount of data that can be used with Google Drive and Gmail is 30GB for Business Starter, but it can be used up to 2TB (about 67 times that of Starter!) With Business Standard.

If you use large files or many files, we recommend that you choose the Business Standard plan.

[Part 2] Data capacity is shared throughout the organization

In the Starter plan, each user can only use up to 1GB, but in the Standard plan, the capacity limit of "Number of users ✕ 30TB" is shared by the entire user organization (2 users can use up to 10TB in the entire organization).In this case, there is no problem even if the amount of data used varies depending on the user.

[Part 3] Data becomes easier to find

With the Standard plan, Google Cloud Search, a function that allows you to search across Google services (Google Drive, calendar, sites, groups, etc.) within your organization, allows you to quickly reach the desired content.

When you ask, "I think that information was written somewhere, but where was it ...?", If you use Google Cloud Search, you can use emails, documents in Drive, calendar notes, Google Keep, etc. It is possible to search in one shot.

[Part 4] Easy to detect unauthorized access

Internal fraud audits are important as the number of people in an organization grows. The Standard plan allows you to identify who accessed sensitive information in Google Drive when.

[Part 5] Video conferencing can be recorded

With the Standard plan, you can record the contents of the video conference (Google Meet).This is useful when you want to share it with many people, such as important meetings and seminars.In addition, the maximum number of participants for video conferencing is 100 for Starter, but it will be upgraded to 150 for Standard.

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[Limited time offer] Spring 15% OFF campaign has started!