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How to use your own domain on the new Google site (SSL is also included for free!)

How to use your own domain on the new Google site (SSL is also included for free!)

The "new Google Sites" released last fall has been significantly upgraded from the previous Google Sites with new themes, smartphone support, and improved user interface.

However, I think that there are many people who did not find it very attractive even though they upgraded the version because they could not use the "unique domain" that was available on the previous Google site.

However, the other dayGoogle Workspace Official BlogSo, it was announced that the original domain can be used on the new Google site!

When I tried using it immediately, it was trueI was able to use my own domain on the new Google site.And with a nice bonusso!

This time I would like to show you how to use your own domain on the new Google site.

First, let's create a Google site

Anyway, I will make a Google site.New Google Sites, like Google Docs, can be easily created on your web browser. 

Go to Google Drive and select Google Sites from the new button.

Using Google Sites is very easy.Complete the page by embedding text or images directly on the page wherever you like.

This time I created my personal page.

Let's connect the created Google site and your own domain

When you create a Google site, it is usually published with a long address of the Google domain such as "".
It's not very suitable for the top page of the site.
What is supported by this new Google site is a mechanism called "mapping" that connects this address with your own domain.
Now let's use this mechanism to access the site with our own domain.
Close the edit screen of Google Sites and access the management console of Google Workspace.
Select an app.
Then select G suite.

Select a site.

Select a web address mapping.

Here, the link (mapping) between the created Google site and the domain is managed.If you want to create a new mapping, press "Add new web address".

By the way, the screen from here is a little difficult to understand.

First, select "New Google Sites" as the version.

Next, ① in the image is the "site location" of the Google site created earlier. If the public address of the Google site is, the "www" part will be the "site location".

Then, the web address, which is ② in the image, will be the domain (subdomain) you want to access.The domain pull-down on the right can only select domains registered in Google Workspace, so if you want to access with a domain that is not here, you need to add that domain to Google Workspace in advance.

This time, I want to access it at, so I entered "www".

① and ② can be different for each, but I have specified the same one so that the mapping is easy to understand.

After entering, press "Add Mapping".
A message that seems to be difficult was displayed.

Once you've accessed the domain you're trying to map, change the domain's DNS settings to connect to the Google Sites server.Is the message.

This setting can be set on the management site of the vendor of your domain such as, Value Domain, Muumuu Domain, X Server, etc.

After setting the DNS of the domain, click the "Specified and completed the procedure" button to complete the mapping setting.

Now let's open the Google site again.

Select the "Triangle Button" to the right of "Publish" at the top right of the screen, and press "Public Settings".

The public setting screen is displayed.

Make sure that the location of the site is the same as "①" in the mapping settings above.

DNS settings and mapping settings seem to take some time. After about an hour, I was able to access it with the mapped URL "".


SSL is enabled! !!And it's free

The new Google site mapped with your own domain allows you to make an SSL connection from the beginning (you can access it with an address starting with https: //).

SSL connection is a method of communicating by encrypting the exchange of data between the site and the browser.Recently, Google has also recommended it, and now it is natural for websites to be able to connect with SSL.It is also said to be.

And what's amazing isYou can connect to SSL without doing anything even though you haven't paid for it.That's it.

Normally, in order to make an SSL connection, you need to purchase an SSL certificate dedicated to that domain.The amount varies, but it costs XNUMX to tens of thousands of yen per year.

However, the domain mapped to this Google site seems to have an SSL certificate from the beginning.

I was curious, so when I looked at the certificate, "Let's Encrypt Authority X3" was the publisher.

Let's Encrypt is an SSL certificate that can be obtained free of charge for the purpose of spreading encryption of site communication.I also often use it for web development.

Supported browsers areLet's Encrypt site As you can see, it is compatible with most modern browsers, so I think that there is no problem in normal use.I don't think you can access old feature phones, but ... (^_^;)

I was surprised that Google uses Let's Encrypt for its services, but it may be that Google attaches great importance to encrypting websites.


The availability of your own domain has greatly increased the appeal of the new Google Sites.
The design can't be very elaborate,A simple design is fine, so I want to quickly create a site that supports smartphones.To meet the needsIt seems possible.
In addition,Supports SSL for freeThat is also a nice point.
The new Google site is also available for free Gmail accounts, but thisUnique domain mapping feature is only available in Google Workspace. 

* As of November 2018, you can use your own domain even with a free Gmail account.

If you are planning to build a new site, why not try it once.