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How to migrate email data from Gmail to Google Workspace

How to migrate email data from Gmail to Google Workspace


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Many people may say, "I want to copy the Gmail mail I used before to my Google Workspace mailbox!"

In Google WorkspaceA migration tool is available that makes it easy to copy Gmail emailsSo, this time, I will introduce how to migrate mail from Gmail to Google Workspace using that tool.

It is assumed that you have already registered in Google Workspace and you have an account to migrate to.

How to migrate email data from Gmail to Google Workspace

First, access the Google admin console with a Google Workspace admin account.The admin console can be accessed from

Select "Migrate Data" on the home screen of the management console.

In addition to email, this migration tool can also migrate contacts and calendar data.This time it is a mail migration, so select "Mail" and then "Next".

Select which email service you want to migrate from.This time, select "Gmail" and click "Connect".

You can choose the start date of the migration, that is, at what point in the email you want to migrate.In the migration option, you can also specify deleted emails, junk emails, and folders to migrate as described on the screen.

Select the start date and options you want to migrate and click "Select User".

I came to the migration management screen.On this screen you can see the process in progress.There are no processes in transition right now, so nothing is displayed.

It's a little confusing, but click the "+" button at the bottom right of the screen.

The email migration start screen is displayed.First, enter the Gmail address that will be the migration source and press the "Approve" button.

Then, in a new tab of your browser, you will see the Google login screen.

Enter the Gmail address that will be the migration source, and click "Next"

Enter the password and click "Next"

A screen to allow access appears.

This is the screen where the Google Workspace migration tool asks the Gmail account from which you are migrating for permission to connect. Select "Allow".

Then, the verification code consisting of numbers and alphabets will be displayed, so copy it.Please note that the verification code is valid for 10 minutes.

Switch the browser tab and return to the "Mail migration start screen".

Paste the above code under the source email address.Next, enter the destination email address in the destination box to confirm the target account.

Check the migration source and migration destination accounts and click the "Start" button.

The migration is now started!

Click the "Close" button to close this screen.

On the data migration screen, you can see the progress of the process being migrated.If you have a lot of data, it will take several hours, so be patient.You can update to the latest information with the update button on the upper right.

You can close this screen.You can always come back from "Migrate Data" in the management console.

The migration has been completed successfully!

If you check the inbox of the destination Google Workspace account, Gmail emails are properly migrated.Labels and sent emails were also migrated!


So far, we have introduced how to migrate emails from Gmail to Google Workspace.

It's very easy because you only have to follow the steps on the screenis not it.

If you switch from Gmail to Google Workspace, you can easily find past emails by migrating your emails so that you can check your previous emails in your inbox on the Google Workspace side.

More detailed explanations can be found in the official Google help.
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