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[2019 version] How to purchase Google Workspace and domain at the same time

[2019 version] How to purchase Google Workspace and domain at the same time

Hello!It's Google Workspace.

This time, I would like to explain how to purchase a domain from Google at the same time as Google Workspace.

This article "XNUMX minutes at the shortest!The fastest way to deploy Google WorkspaceWhen I introduced it in ", it was a form of purchasing from an overseas domain company affiliated with Google, butNow you can buy it directly from Google.

Get a domain at the same time you apply for Google Workspace

First of all,Google Workspace registration linkThen proceed to the application screen.

Select "Company Name", "Number of Employees", and "Country" and proceed to "Next".

Enter your "Last Name", "First Name" and "Email Address" and proceed to "Next".For the email address you enter here, enter the one you already have. You can also use or

This time, to acquire a new domain, select "I would like to purchase a domain" and proceed to "Next".

One thing to note here isDomain required for free trial of Google Workspaceis.If you don't have a domain, you'll need to buy one here even if you want to try it for free.if,If you want to try it for free including the domain, select "I want a free .page domain" below.You can do it.

Enter the domain name you want to get and click the "Magnifying Glass" button.If you have already obtained it, enter a different domain name.

If the domain is available, this screen will appear and you will know that it is "available".You can also check the one-year usage fee for your domain here. Once you have decided on a domain name, you cannot change it.Please check your domain name carefully.

Continue to enter your Address and Phone Number. Proceed to "Next".

If you want to receive news etc. from Google, select "OK".

Next, enter the "email address" and "password" that will be the administrator account of Google Workspace. Check "I'm not a robot", check the terms, and select "Agree and create account".

Thank you for your hard work!For the time being, registration of Google Workspace and domain has been completed.

Let's continue with the domain purchase procedure. Select "Proceed to settings".

Buy domain

From here, you can start purchasing your domain.Not a Google Workspace account purchase procedurePlease be careful.

Check the amount of the domain on this screen.You can change the country and currency as needed.The amount of the domain is the usage fee for one year.It will be deducted from your credit card by Google every year.

In most cases, you should check "Do not post registration information".The owner of a domain is usually called Whois information and can be viewed by anyone.By checking here, Whois information will be rewritten to the information of the Google Domain operator, and your personal information will not be exposed to the world.

Finally, check the terms of use and proceed to "Next".

This is the final confirmation screen.After confirming the amount and terms of use, proceed to "Next".

Check the contact information, enter your credit card number, and select "Next".

* The payment type is displayed as "Monthly automatic payment", but since it is a domain purchase procedure now, it will be "Annual automatic payment", and it is probably a Google display error. (Domain fees are not deducted monthly)

When the credit card payment is completed, the domain purchase procedure is complete!

Also, a confirmation email has arrived from Google Domain to the email address you entered first, so press "Confirm Email Address" to authenticate your address.

If you look at your Google Workspace registration information, you can see that your domain is active and valid until the following year.

Also, if you register Google Workspace and domain at the same time like this time,The troublesome DNS settings are done automaticallySo you can start using the full functionality of Google Workspace right away.

At this point, you haven't paid for Google Workspace yet, so you can try Google Workspace Basic for free for the next 14 days.

Where is the domain management screen?

By the way, if you have purchased a domain, you may be curious about how to manage the domain such as DNS.

Domains purchased from GoogleManaged by Google Domainscan.Please log in with the Google Workspace account you registered this time.

If you access Google Domains, you can see that the domain you registered this time is managed.And DNS record settings for Google Workspace are registered perfectly in DNS!This is convenient!

In addition, Google Domains has a very convenient function called "synthetic record" that allows you to batch register DNS settings for Google Workspace.This kind of cooperation is possible because of Google not it.

Summary – Be careful when registering domains at the same time

So far, we have introduced how to register Google Workspace and domain at the same time.

By registering the domain and Google Workspace at the same time, the troublesome DNS settings are automatically performed, so you can start using Google Workspace quickly without worrying about the settings around the domain.

It seems to be beneficial for those who are not confident in DNS related settings, those who want to introduce it quickly, those who want to simply centralize domain and Google Workspace billing, etc.

However,Google Domains management account is linked to the registered Google Workspace accountTherefore, if you want to switch to a service other than Google Workspace for email while keeping your domain, you will need to transfer your domain to another Google account or another domain vendor.

personally,It is better to manage "domain" and "Web service" such as Google Workspace separately so that you can respond flexibly later.I believe.

For example, even if you use Google Domains for domain management, register your Google Domains account with a free Google account (@gmail) instead of Google Workspace, and later link your domain to Google Workspace and other web services. wear.It will be easier to switch between the domain and various Web services.

Simultaneous domain registration can be introduced easily and speedily, but the domain will be under the control of Google Workspace, so it is recommended that those who use it consider it once..