How to install Google Workspace

XNUMX minutes at the shortest!The fastest way to deploy Google Workspace

XNUMX minutes at the shortest!The fastest way to deploy Google Workspace
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[2019 version] How to purchase Google Workspace and domain at the same time
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When introducing Google Workspace, in general, I think that there are many cases where it is introduced after acquiring a domain.

In Google WorkspaceEven if you have not acquired the domain in advance, you can acquire the domain at the same time during the registration procedure of Google Workspace..

However, in this case, there are many people who want to change the domain settings after registration or do not know what the domain payment method will be.

This time, we will introduce the procedure, mechanism, advantages and disadvantages.

Then, please start from the registration flow!

From application to completion of Google Workspace

First, access the application page for Google Workspace.Please apply from this link!

To apply for Google Workspace

Select "Try for free" on the Google Workspace application page.

Next, enter the name etc. and click "Next".

Here, select "Buy a new domain now" and enter the domain name you want to register.

At the time of the survey, the following domains could be registered. It seems that domains with Japanese regional attributes such as .jp and cannot be used.

.com ¥ 1000 / .net ¥ 900 / .info ¥ 1000 / ¥ 700 / .nl ¥ 900 / .cz ¥ 900 / .pl ¥ 700 / .cc ¥ 1300 / .me ¥ 1300 / .co. in ¥ 700 / .co ¥ 2000 / ¥ 1000 / .mobi ¥ 1000 / .name ¥ 900 / ¥ 700 / ¥ 700 / ¥ 1000 / .mx ¥ 2500 / .org ¥ 1000 / ¥ 700 / .tv ¥ 700 / .in ¥ 700 / .biz ¥ 1000 / .ch ¥ 1000

The amount of money is almost the same as or slightly higher than that of domestic domain companies.Perhaps there is also the effect of exchange rates.

Enter the administrator's email address and "Agree and register".

From here, you can start purchasing your domain.

First, select a vendor to buy your domain.Purchase from a domain company affiliated with GoogleHas become.

This time the default "DomainDiscount24I chose a vendor called.Both are overseas domain companies.

The domain expires in one year, and if you want to automatically renew next year, check "Automatically renew your registration every year".

Check the amount and terms of use and click "Next".

On the next screen, enter your credit card information.Payment is by credit card only.

* At this point, payment is only for the domain. Google Workspace payments are not made at this time.

After entering, select "Next".

Registration is complete!

After checking the payment information, Google Workspace is being tried and only the domain fee for one year has been paid.

From this point, you can use Google Workspace.

Required if you acquired a domain separately and applied for it"Confirm domain ownership" and "Domain settings (MX record settings)" are performed automatically..

It took about XNUMX minutes so far.With this methodEasy to deploy Google Workspace in very short steps.

Now that Google Workspace is easy to deploy, where do you set up your purchased domain?

If it is within the range of normal Google Workspace usage, it is not necessary to set the domain once it is installed, but if you publish the website with the purchased domain, you will need to set the domain. ..

How to set up the purchased domain

To set the purchased domain (DNS settings), first access "Domain" in the Google Workspace management console.

Select the "Add / Remove Domains" section.

Click Advanced DNS Settings for your primary domain to see your login name and password.

Click the "Login to DNS Console" link to access the management screen of the vendor who purchased the domain. (It is better to open it in a separate window.)

In other words,Set the domain from the site of the domain vendor you purchasedIt seems.

Log in to the domain vendor's site using the login name and password displayed.

From here, the "" I bought this timeDomainDiscount24Will be displayed.Please note that if you select a different vendor, the operation will be different.

When you log in, you'll see a list of domains and the domains you've purchased. You can see the Google logo.Perhaps Google is positioned as a domain vendor's agency.

I bought a domain called "" this time.

Now, let's set up to publish a website called "".

Select a domain name.

The domain setting screen is displayed.From Subdomains on the screen, select "Create new subdomain".

Enter "www" which is the subdomain to be created this time and click "Create a subdomain".

Then, the domain setting screen of "" will be displayed. Here, enter the domain and IP address of the Web server in the CNAME and DNS Settings items, and press "Verify changes" to complete the setting.

Summary-Advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous domain purchase

At this point, you know how to purchase Google Workspace domains at the same time, how to pay, and how to set up the purchased domain.

Here, I summarized the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing domains at the same time and introducing Google Workspace.

-Deploying Google Workspace is quick and easy
-Even people who can not set the domain can introduce it

-There are few types of domains that can be registered
-Domain management screen is in English
・ Japanese support from domain vendors is difficult

Regarding support, although it is an overseas domain company, Google is positioned as a domain agency, so I think that Japanese support of Google Workspace will be supported to some extent, so you may not need to worry too much. ..

I would like to check this with Google Workspace Support once.