How to install Google Workspace

[Google Workspace introduction method 2018] Let's apply for Google Workspace (XNUMX version)

[Google Workspace introduction method 2018] Let's apply for Google Workspace (XNUMX version)

* Updated to the latest information on January 2018, 1.

Now,Last articleNow that I have acquired the domain, I would like to finally apply for Google Workspace.

There are two ways to apply for Google Workspace:

  • Apply directly to Google
  • Apply from an authorized Google Workspace distributor

There is no functional difference between the two, but if you apply from an agency, you may be able to use the extensions provided by the agency or receive support from the agency.The usage amount also varies depending on the agency.

If you would like consultation on additional functions or face-to-face support, it may be better to use an agency.

of course,Even if you apply directly to Google, you can receive support from Google XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a week.So you can apply directly without any problem.On this site, I would like to explain by applying directly.

How to apply for Google Workspace

Now, let's move on to applying for Google Workspace.Please proceed to the registration page from this link. (* Click to enlarge image)
Click the "Try it for free" button.

Click the "Next" button.

Enter the company name (organization name) and the number of employees and click "Next"

Select the country of your organization and click "Next"

Enter your current email address (@, etc.) and click "Next"

Select whether you already have a domain to use.Since you have already acquired your own domain in the previous article, select "There is a domain that can be used".

Enter the domain name to use and click "Next"

If you get an error message like this, you either entered the domain name incorrectly or no one has obtained the domain.

If you have already obtained it, check the status of the domain on the management screen of the domain vendor.Also, if you have just acquired a domain, you may get this error.

Make sure that the domain you use is correct and click "Next"

Enter the name of the user (administrator) and click "Next"

Enter the user name and password that will be your email address and click "Next" *Don't forget to log in to Google Workspace with this email address and password in the future.

Select whether to receive notifications from Google.

Check that you are not a robot ..., agree to the Google Workspace Terms, and click "Agree and Create Account".

Thank you for your hard work!

This completes the application for Google Workspace.In the next article, I will explain the settings of Google Workspace.