How to install Google Workspace

You have to know it! How to get discounts on Google Workspace

You have to know it! How to get discounts on Google Workspace

This site offers a free coupon code that discounts the usage fee for the first year of Google Workspace.

First, register for Google Workspace

If you have not registered for Google Workspace, please apply here. You can try it for free for 14 days.
Go to Google Workspace application page(Connect to the Google page.)

* Coupons issued by this site are valid only when registered from this link.Please note that coupons cannot be used if you have registered with Google Workspace on another site.

Get coupon code

You can get the coupon code from this page.Please use it after confirming the precautionary statements before use.
Go to coupon code application page

Apply coupon

Google Workspace management screenGo to

Click the payment icon.

* To apply the coupon, it is necessary to make payment before setting.

Click "Payment Settings" in Google Workspace.

In Select Payment Plan, select "Flexible Plan" or "Annual Plan".

The flexible plan is a monthly charge, and monthly usage charges are incurred according to the number of users in that month.For the annual plan, the usage fee according to the number of users at the time of contract is paid in a lump sum for the first time.Cancellation is not possible within the period.

Once you've decided on a plan, click on the link labeled "Promotion Code".A text box will be displayed, so enter the coupon code here.

After that, please follow the instructions on the screen to make a credit card payment.

For the next year, you will be able to use Google Workspace at the discounted rate shown.