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[Google Workspace introduction method XNUMX] Let's acquire your own domain

[Google Workspace introduction method XNUMX] Let's acquire your own domain

When using Google Workspace, there are two main ways to acquire a domain.

  • Buy a domain from Google
  • Buy a domain from other than Google
The former allows you to easily purchase a domain during the Google Workspace registration process.The latter buys domains from so-called domain vendors.

Of course, if you already have a domain, you can use it.

If you want to buy a domain from Google, we'll cover it in a later article, so this article will show you how to buy a domain from a domain vendor.

Choose a domain vendor

First, choose a domain vendor!However, there are various domain companies in Japan alone, and I don't think you know what to choose based on.

The subscribers to this blog are also for beginners on the Internet, so this time I have listed the following selection points.

  • Having a track record as a domain company
  • Good support
  • The price is cheap

I rarely use the domain management screen, but it is also important that the management screen is easy to understand (even beginners are considered) because the domain mechanism itself is complicated.

I recommend the following three major domain companies.All of them are affiliated with the GMO Group, a major IT company, so there is a sense of security.To be honest, it doesn't matter which of these three companies you choose.

  • Your name. Com
  • Mu-mo domain
  • Value domain

Above allValue domainWas founded in 1999 and is a long-established store, and I have been using it for over 10 years.I contacted support several times in the past, but I was impressed with the quick response.

This time, I will try to acquire a domain with a value domain.

user registration

First of allValue domainGo to and register as a value domain user.

Enter basic information such as your address from "User Registration" on the top page.

Then, click the "If you want to register a domain, please enter the information in alphabets from here" button and enter additional information.This must be registered in the alphabet.

Get a domain

After completing user registration, it's finally time to get a domain.

While logged in, select the "Register Domain" menu.

On this screen, you can check the availability of the domain and register the domain.

Now, let's search for the domain you want to get. If you want to take the domain "", enter "" and press the "Search" button.

Then, below, you will see buttons such as .com, .jp, and .net. .com and .net are called "top-level domains" and are basically selected according to the purpose, organization, and geographical restrictions of the domain.There are no particular restrictions on general .com or .net.

The domains that can be acquired are displayed as shown below, and you can proceed to domain registration by pressing the "Purchase" button.

A domain that has already been registered with someone cannot be acquired as shown below.

In this case, I searched for "", so "" is already registered and "" can get the domain.You can see that.

The amount displayed here is the annual domain usage fee.Usage fees vary depending on the top-level domain.

Let's proceed to the registration procedure.This time, we will proceed on the assumption that we will get "".

You can specify the number of years of registration here.If you know that you will use the domain for the time being, you can increase the number of years.

After the number of years of registration, the domain will no longer be available, but you can extend the deadline by completing the renewal procedure.I would like to introduce the update method in another article.

Then enter the registrant information in alphabets.Please refer to the input example.The information you enter here will be made publicly available as domain owner information (WHOIS).

Since it contains personal information, many people may not want to disclose it.In that case, you can use the service called "proxy name" provided by Value Domain for free.

At the bottom of the registration screen, there is a link that says "Make it our proxy name", so if you click on it, the registrant information will be replaced with the proxy information of the value domain.If you register your domain with this, your personal information will not be disclosed.

However, as described on this screen, please note that if the information registered as a user in the value domain is incorrect or if you violate the terms of the domain in the name of this proxy, the use of the domain will be forcibly suspended. ..There is no problem in normal use.

Next, pay the domain usage fee.This time, I will explain how to pay by credit card, but Value Domain also supports payment by convenience store or bank transfer.For more informationValue domain payment pagefor more information.

Click the "Deposit XXX Yen with Credit Card" link to proceed to the payment screen.

After paying by credit card, click the "Return to shopping site" button.

Click the "Return to purchase screen and continue with the procedure." Link.

I have returned to the registration screen.At this time, if you have made a proxy name above, the input contents may have been restored, so click "Make our proxy name" again and press the registration button.

If the message "Registration was successful" appears, the process is complete.

congratulations!Now you have the only domain in the world!

How was it?I don't think it was that difficult.After this, it's time to move on to registering with Google Workspace.