How to install Google Workspace

[Google Workspace introduction method XNUMX] Preparation

[Google Workspace introduction method XNUMX] Preparation

"Okay, let's introduce Google Workspace!"

"I thought, but I don't know what to do ..."

Many people will say. There are several steps to using Google Workspace.It's a little complicated, but don't worry!In this category, we will explain in detail so that even beginners of the Internet can definitely introduce Google Workspace.

First of all, the preparation!There are some things to prepare before starting the registration process.

Prepare internet environment and personal computer

Of course, you need an environment where you can use the Internet and a personal computer. Since Google Workspace basically uses only a browser, you can use a low-spec PC as long as the browser works.

Browsers that can be used in Google Workspace are "Google Chrome", "Internet Explorer", "Firefox", and "Safari".There is no problem with the browser you usually use, but I still recommend "Google Chrome".

The main reason I recommend it is that Chrome can be linked with a Google account, so if you have multiple Google accounts, it is very convenient to switch users.We will introduce this method and benefits at another time.

Decide on a domain

Decide which domain to use in Google Workspace.

If you are a sole proprietor or a freelancer, you may use the company name, service name, product name, store name or your own name.

This article, "How to Decide a Domain Name," provides tips for deciding on a domain name.Please try to reference.

In the future, I will explain using "", which is the domain of this homepage, as an example.

Decide the administrator's email address

Next, decide on the first user name to register with Google Workspace.This will be an important admin user who can configure all Google Workspace settings.

Your username will be in front of the @ in your email address, so it's a good idea to have the name of the person responsible for managing Google Workspace.For example, if you use suzuki as your username, you can use the email address
You can use single-byte alphanumeric characters for the user name, and hyphens (-), underscores (_), apostrophes ('), and periods (.) For symbols.You cannot use consecutive periods.

Prepare a credit card

Unless you purchase from an agency, Google Workspace currently accepts credit cards as the only payment method.

If you have a credit card, you can use it to pay for many web services, so if you don't have one, you may want to take this opportunity to prepare.

By now, you should have a "domain", "one email address", and a "credit card" in your possession.

Next, I will explain how to get a domain.

[Google Workspace introduction method XNUMX] Let's acquire your own domain