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[Information leakage mischief] I lost the data I worked on for 3 days

[Information leakage mischief] I lost the data I worked on for 3 days

This time, I would like to introduce Mr. M, who lives in Kanagawa prefecture, about "data loss".

I'm afraid of information leakage, but I erased important company data due to an operation error!It's horrifying to hear the story. .. ..

By the way, what kind of experience did Mr. M have?Then please.

I lost the data I worked on for 3 days

When I was working for an event company, I was selected as a member of a new event launch. It is a project to start a project from scratch by forming a team of 8 people and search for companies that can participate from the beginning.I and three other people were working on creating a database of customer lists and companies that could be affiliated with, and making appointments with all companies.

I've done it several times when launching a new event, but this time it's more than double the scale.Everyone was enthusiastic and working hard.It took me three days to make the list, and finally I was able to create a database, so I've finally come to the point where I'm going to get an appointment from tomorrow.I was working almost without sleeping for three days, so I was relieved when it was finally over.

After three days of work, it's time to stand on the starting line for a new event.It's time to divide the database among several people and go get appointments.And when I thought about copying, I realized that no one managed the USB memory that contained the data. After working with four people and then saving to a USB stick, none of them had that USB stick.

Occasionally, the USB memory is left unplugged after saving.I checked all my computers right away, but they weren't found anywhere.My head and the four of us turned white and just remembered yesterday's memory.The last time I plugged in the USB memory was, and I had no memory of what happened after I saved it.Since the data contains a list of companies, it is strictly prohibited to take it out confidentially.Everyone was aware of the importance, but they seemed to have lost their concentration due to fatigue. I've been searching around for over an hour, but I couldn't find it after all.

All four couldn't do anything because they didn't know what to do because they were impatient that their work would be delayed at the same time as the data leaked.I didn't look for it, so when I reported it to my boss, I was angry as expected.It's natural to get angry, but the only thing I knew was that if the information was misused, it would cause great damage to the company.

We four and all of the other projects searched for one USB stick.I checked everything from the trash can to the drawers of everyone, and it was a situation where almost no one could do the work of the day.We are full of anxiety that information may be leaked.In addition, everyone in the company was looking for a USB memory, which made me feel more guilty that I had done something quite difficult.

No matter how much I searched, I couldn't find it, so the president told me that I would take appropriate measures at a later date.For the time being, we all have work, so we decided to continue the project we are currently working on.After that, the data was checked with my boss, and my boss also kept it to prevent recurrence.

I was at a loss but I don't know what to do.I had to launch a new event, but I didn't realize it, so I got stuck there as well.

About a week later, a new project progressed, and it was finally ready to be launched.Even at that time, I was worried about the leakage of data, and I was worried about what would happen to the disposal from the company, so I was not at work.Although I work every day, I had no choice but to think about what to do if the information was misused.

Then, a person in charge of a partner company contacted me.The contents are that a USB memory containing company data was in a mail bag.When launching a new event, I sent materials to the companies I had a relationship with to guide them first.There was a USB memory in the bag.

I thought that the other party was some kind of material, and I had some free time, so when I looked at it, it was corporate data, so I was immediately contacted.My boss and I immediately went to the other company to get the data, explained what happened, and apologized.At a glance, the other party knew that the data was confidential, so he said he didn't look at the contents.

I happened to be a partner company with a long relationship, so I was able to get the data back immediately, but if I made a mistake, it was important.Even so, I don't know why it was in the mail, but most of all, it was due to our carelessness.

After that, there were no major problems from the company, so I asked them to overlook it, but I was given the opportunity to get out early and clean the company.I am relieved that it will be a light disposal for us.

Since then, the data management system has been reviewed and it has become more rigorous. The USB memory contained everything from corporate data to customer data, and I was able to experience the danger of losing the data created over several days in an instant.I was able to feel once again that information is important.

A word from the admin – Google Workspace can solve this

In this case too, the customer list could have been solved by saving it to a Google spreadsheet instead of Excel + USB stick.

If you save it in Google Docs, you are unlikely to lose the file physically like this time.

Also, since it was worked by multiple people, I think that Google Spreadsheets, which can centralize data and enable powerful collaboration, could work more efficiently.

While USB memory is convenient to carry, it also has the aspect of being "easy to lose."I don't want to save data that would be lost or inconvenient for someone to see in the USB memory.