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[Information leakage mischief] From carelessness of only 5 minutes to trouble

[Information leakage mischief] From carelessness of only 5 minutes to trouble

Have you ever leaked important data to the outside at work?

I have sent an in-house email to someone who has nothing to do with it!Anyone may have a minor information leak.

Information leaks can be subject to very heavy punishment.Above all, it causes great physical and mental damage to those who suffer from data leakage.

This time, I would like to introduce a detailed story to those who have caused "information leakage" or "data loss" at work.

This time, we talked to Mr. K, who lives in Kanagawa prefecture.Then please.

From carelessness of only 5 minutes to trouble

As the chief of the service industry, I work in a responsible position in employee management and overall operations in the store.It is a chain store that operates several stores and has a total of about 50 staff.Due to the rapid turnover of staff, we were recruiting staff for one week out of two months.I was in the position of interviewing there and handled personal information of staff.We are also instructed by police authorities to create an employee list so that it can be viewed at all times.

Therefore, I also managed the employee list of all staff.Employee lists are stored as data on paper media and USB memory.Therefore, the data of all employees was stored in the USB memory.The resume and employee list are stored separately on paper, and the data is stored on a USB memory together with other personal information. Only I and the store manager touched the USB memory, and I only put it out when I kept it in a safe and used it.When it was time to have an interview, we interviewed about 1 people in a week and hired about 30 people each time.After the interview, I will convert all the information into data and have the store manager confirm it for storage.

Since the number of people is small during the recruitment period, I often go out to work in the hall.Because I happened to have free time, I was making a staff list in one of the break rooms used by everyone.Of course, there is a space isolated at the edge, so it is a place that ordinary employees cannot enter.I was working on a computer thinking that no one would be able to enter, but I was called because there was a problem from the hall.

I was in a hurry because the hall is a time when the number of people is small because it is sometimes called only when there is something wrong. The trouble will be resolved in about 5 minutes, and I will return to the rest area to work again.Then, the screen of the employee's personal data appeared on the screen of the personal computer.I wondered "Why?" For a moment, but the cause was that I left the place with the USB memory plugged in.There is no one in the rest area.I didn't remember clearly that I was the one who opened the screen, but I was only about 5 minutes away and didn't think it was a place where no one could enter.

About a week later, I was consulted by a female staff member.A man of the same staff is near the house and is invited many times.1% of the staff at the store are female staff in their 7s, and the remaining 20% ​​are male staff in their 2s.The other 20% are employees and those in their 1s or older, so most of the shops are young female staff.Therefore, I was aiming for a comfortable working environment by always receiving consultations from female staff.Love is common among the younger generation, but when it gets messed up, female staff usually leave the store.Therefore, as a store policy, we have decided to prohibit in-house romance.

I immediately talked to the male staff who was following the woman and advised her to stop.At that time, I was worried about her, so I regretted saying that I had been obsessed with her.I thought I should reflect on it, and I thought it would solve it.But this time, I went near another woman's house and invited a female staff member.I was thinking of taking a strict punishment because it was my second warning, but I was wondering why it was haunting near my house, so I questioned him.It seems that he had a copy of the employee list and went to the woman's home after seeing the address.

I asked why I have a copy of the employee list.He is a new staff member who has only been working for about 3 months.I heard from him that he snooped on the data on his computer when I wasn't there.When I went to the hall because of trouble before, I was about 5 minutes away from the employee list data and took a picture with my smartphone.

I thought it was because I left the USB stick at that time.I heard everything out of his mouth and I erased the photos on my smartphone directly.Believing in his words that he didn't save it elsewhere, he reminded him that if he had a problem next time, he would take a strict punishment.

He's bad, of course, but my carelessness is the cause in the first place.My carelessness leaked a woman's personal information, which made me scared.After that, I reported to the store manager, explained everything about the woman and things, and apologized.Fortunately he and the women were on good terms, so we are working together with a promise that we will never do it again.

The women lived in their parents' homes, so I wasn't too worried yet.But if I were to live alone as a woman, my carelessness could lead to serious crimes.I realized once again that I want to get information that is nothing to me, no matter what I want.

At a later date, I and the store manager discussed further security measures and changed the measures so that they could work only when there were two people.Personal information of employees will continue to be important information, so we would like to be careful when handling it.

A word from the admin – Google Workspace can solve this

Information leakage is a scary example that can lead to crime. .. ..

In this case, the employee list is stored only in Google Sheets, not on paper or USB sticks, and the sharing settings are limited to "chief and store manager only".This would have prevented other people from trying to access the file, but couldn't open it, preventing a physical data breach like this one.

Also, as a basic matter, set the PC in a place where various people can go in and out so that it will be locked when you leave your seat and will be locked automatically in a short time.That is also an effective method.