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Finally renewed!How has the new Google site changed?

Finally renewed!How has the new Google site changed?

The "Google Site" had some difficulties in terms of usability and design, but it seems that it has finally been renewed.

I've used it briefly, so I'd like to introduce you to how the new Google site has changed.

The new Google Sites can be accessed from the "New Google Sites" link in the left menu of the Google Sites.

* With the default settings, it seems that some accounts cannot access the new Google site.For the setting method, see this article "What to do if you can't access your new Google site."

Completely different from the old Google site

First of all, the impression that I used it is that the design, functions, interface, etc. have changed significantly, and it is more than a renewal, it is "a completely different thing" from the previous Google site.

Until now, the Google site was positioned as a "CMS that can build an information sharing site inside the organization" such as an in-house bulletin board and an in-house Wiki, but the new Google site will be reborn as a CMS that can create a simple general site regardless of usage. rice field.It is an impression.

New themes and designs

On the new Google site, you can choose from 6 themes, "Simple", "Aristotle", "Diplomat", "Vision", "Level", and "Impression", and 5 theme colors and XNUMX font styles for each theme.

It seems that you can't import your own theme or customize the theme at the HTML or CSS level.


Responsive and smartphone compatible

The new Google site is compatible with smartphones.It can be said that it is an essential function now.

All themes are constructed with a responsive design and are automatically optimized for various screen sizes such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Even in the preview, it is very convenient because you can switch how it looks on your PC, tablet, or smartphone with a single click.

Pages are easy to createBut HTML is not possible

Let's see how to create content (web page).

A page has the concept of "rows" and "columns" where you can insert "text boxes", "images", "links" and "uploaded files".

In addition, it seems that you can also embed content of Google services such as Google Drive, Youtube, calendar, map, Google Docs.

You can easily change the size and position of each content with the mouse.

It is designed so that you can create web content without knowing HTML at all,On the contrary, it seems that HTML, Javascript, stylesheet, etc. cannot be inserted directly.* From January 2018, HTML and Javascript can also be embedded.

In addition, the functions for organizations such as "change history", "cabinet", and "notification" that were on the old Google site have disappeared.From this point of view, it can be said that the new Google site has been reborn as a CMS for open houses.

Menu and page structure

Pages can be configured up to two levels, a parent page and a child page.

It was a little difficult to understand how to create a child page, but if you drag and drop the page to put it in the lower layer of another page, you can have a parent-child relationship.

All the pages you create will be displayed in the navigation menu.Display only specific pages in the menu.It seems that you cannot do that.

The parent-child page on the menu is automatically pulled down and can be selected.

You can choose the position of the menu either at the top of the site or on the left.It seems that other menus cannot be customized.

Always displayed footer

Even on the new Google site, it seems that the fixed footer like the one below is always displayed.

It may be unavoidable if you have a free Google account, but if you have a paid Google Workspace account, I would like you to be able to delete it. .. ..

I can't set my own domain! ?? → Now you can!

2017 Year of 8 MonthThis articleAs you can see, the new Google Sites now have their own domain!

thisGoogle articleUnfortunately, the new Google Sites don't seem to allow you to set up your own domain.

I think this is an indispensable function that was made on the old Google site, so I definitely want it to be revived.


I briefly introduced the new Google site, but how about it?

The impression is that it has been rebuilt as a CMS that simplifies the functions and makes it easy to create a public website.

However, since your own domain is not available and HTML level customization is not possible,It seems to match the needs of "I don't have to be too particular about it, so I want to create a crisp and beautiful site!"

* Added June 2018
You can now connect with your own domain and insert HTML (Javascript) into your pages.As a result, widgets from other companies such as advertisements and Twitter timelines can also be used, so it seems that it can be used in various cases.

I would like to introduce in detail how to use the new Google site on this site as well.