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Get your own domain if you want to do business

Get your own domain if you want to do business

We recommend that you use the homepage and email address of your own domain, not only for companies but also for sole proprietors and freelance business.

Isn't it okay to use free Gmail or a free blog?Some people may say that, so this time, I will explain the merits of acquiring your own domain.

Unique domain is a good sign

I think that a company of a certain size acquires and uses the domain of that company.

The domain is a great sign.It will be a "name" that refers to your business, such as a company name, service name, product name, or if you are a sole proprietor, it will be exposed in various places as a homepage address or email address.

There are various places to be exposed, such as business cards, company information, press releases, leaflets, and web advertisements.If the email address listed there is "" or the service homepage address is "" and the free homepage address, what is your impression of the customer?

Some people may not care, but for those who are accustomed to the Internet to some extent, it may be taken as a negative image, "What domain do you have?"

Although it tends to be postponed, we recommend that you properly introduce your own domain for your homepage and email address so that you will be careful about your appearance when you meet customers.

I think the easiest and most effective way to increase the trust and value of a company, service, or product is to introduce your own domain.

Also, if you take your own domain, you can realize it, but if you get the domain of your company or store name, you will feel like you have set up your own castle.

Your own domain will never change

The domain you think and acquire is the only one in the world, and it won't change forever (unless you change your mind).

As some of you may know, there used to be a mobile phone company called J-PHONE.After that, J-PHONE became a group company of a company called vodafone, and was finally sold to the current Softbank.

It doesn't matter to the user, but sadly the user's email address has changed from to @ and @ for the convenience of the company. It has been done.

The e-mail address lent by the provider is the company name of the provider, such as you want to switch to a cheaper provider, if you use that provider's email address for business, the email address will naturally change, so you need to change everything from contacting customers to business cards and advertisements. ..

This cannot happen if you have your own domain.The domain remains the same as the domain, and the networks and servers that run it can be changed to the optimal ones as appropriate.

You can create as many email addresses as you like

Depending on the contract with the mail server company, you can create as many e-mail addresses as you like with your own domain.

You can create as many email addresses as you need, including your own email address, employee and part-time addresses, and a dedicated email address that serves as a contact point for inquiries about products and services.

Disadvantages of free email addresses

If you use a free e-mail address such as Yahoo Mail or Gmail, it is provided free of charge, so in many cases there are the following disadvantages.

  • There is an advertisement.
  • Since there is no SLA (Service Level Agreement), there is no guarantee in the unlikely event that the system shuts down.
  • There is no support service.
  • Some services do not accept free mail.


The disadvantages of acquiring your own domain are cost and some effort.However, if the cost is low, you can get it from a few hundred yen a year.Also, once you set it, it doesn't take much time after that.

Beyond that, the unique domain has various advantages as described above.Why don't you consider it?