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What is a unique domain?

What is a unique domain?

Have you ever heard the word "domain"?I think most people have heard of it but don't understand it.

Various terms appear when using the Internet.There are some things you don't have to remember, but the word "domain" is common.It will be an indispensable keyword when you use the Internet for business in the future, so please understand it.

What is a domain?

A domain is like a "nameplate" for using your homepage or email address.

For email addresses, "your name @gmail.comAnd "your name the case of the homepage, "www.Google comAnd " part in red such as "is called a domain.

Usually, it is the name of the company or its Web service, which represents the entire organization or service.

The part in black is not the domain.This is a finer unit than the nameplate.Let's take a closer look.

Email domains are like surnames

If you have a smartphone or PC, I think most of you have an email address.What kind of email address is your email address?

Isn't it an address such as,, or

In the above, I wrote that the domain is like a "nameplate", but in terms of email address, it is like a "last name". is the Gmail family, is the Yahoo family, is the Docomo family, and so on. The email address is the email address of "Gmail family taro".Will be.

Rent or own house

I think most people use the email address of a telecommunications company such as Google, docomo, or other providers, but to put it simply, it's a state of renting a room.

Since it is a rent, for example, if the company docomo disappears, that email address will probably not be available.It's the same as renting an apartment and you can't live in it. (Although there are not many examples)

In the world of the Internet, you can have your own home, or your domain, as well.For example, if you run a flower shop called "Happy Smile Flowers" and try to create an email address for yourself or the store's contact information, "xxxxx @"happysmileflowers.comYou can create your own store domain like this.

The domain you created is one in the world, and it will be your own domain.This domain is called a "unique domain".So to speak, every domain is a "unique domain". From Google's point of view, is Google's own domain.It means that.

However, please note that the fact that there is only one in the world means that you cannot create a new domain name that already exists.

I need a house on the nameplate

If you get your own domain, you can use it as an e-mail address or homepage address, but just having your own domain has no meaning because you just have a nameplate.
If you want to use the email address of your own domain, you need a mail server, and if you want to publish your homepage with your own domain, you need a "house" such as a web server. You can use your own domain for the first time with "nameplate + house".
So how do you get the server?
The server also has the option of "renting" or "owning a house".
"Own house" means that you own the server.That is.Specifically, you can buy a server PC and put it in your home or office so that it works as a mail server or web server, but this is not very good, but it is impossible for the general public. It's a story.It requires knowledge, cost, and security.
If you "rent" or rent, you can leave all that to the professionals.Above all, the cost is overwhelmingly cheap, so it is common to rent a server.
So far, I have explained the original domain and server.It was abstract, so it may not be right yet.I would like to explain in detail how to create a specific unique domain and its merits in the future.