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How to decide your own domain that will not fail

How to decide your own domain that will not fail

The fact that the domain name cannot be changed once it is decidedWhy you should choose your domain name carefullyBut I told you.

So how do you decide on a domain name?

This time, I would like to introduce some tips on how to decide the domain name.

Let's think carefully and decide so that there is no such thing as a domain like this.

Review of domain names

First, let's review the origin of domain names.

For example, the domain "" on the top page of YAHOO can be decomposed as follows.

www ← You can freely make as many as you like later.
yahoo ← The part to be decided this time.Once decided, it cannot be changed. ← The part to be decided this time. You can freely choose according to the purpose of the domain such as com and net.Once decided, it cannot be changed.

This time, "deciding the domain" decides the part called "".This part is called the domain name and cannot be changed once it is decided.

By the way, "" is called a "subdomain", and you can freely create as many as you like later, such as "" and "". I can.

Domain name rules

There are at least the following rules for domain names.

-You cannot acquire a domain that has already been registered.
-Only "a to z half-width alphabets", "0 to 9 half-width numbers", and "hyphen symbols" can be used.
・ "Hyphen" cannot be used at the beginning and end.

How to decide the domain name

Now, I would like to introduce how to decide the domain name.

* This article is for personal reference.Other than the above rules, there is no rule that "must be like this" in how to decide the domain name.

The shorter the domain name, the better

Domains are exposed and propagated on sites, SNS such as Twitter and Facebook, and signatures of emails. The domain (URL) link displayed on the Web can be accessed with a single click, so it doesn't matter if the domain is long.

However, domains are also exposed on paper media such as business cards and books.You usually need to type in that domain with your keyboard.In particular, entering a URL on a smartphone or mobile phone is quite troublesome, so even interested users may give up saying, "It's okay because the domain is long."

The domain should be as short as possible, with 3 to 8 characters being the bestIt will be.

A character string that is easy to utter is good

It is also important that it is easy to speak.It also means that it is transmitted by voice without misunderstanding, but above all,"Easy to remember" because you can speak outThe side is bigger.

I think that most of the sites are for Japanese people, so it is better to use romaji-readable or English words that are as common as possible.

For example, the domain "" is excellent.It's short, easy to utter and easy to remember, and the domain name is the same as the site name.

A character string that can be associated with the site is good

Even if the domain is short and easy to remember, it is difficult to remember it with a character string that has nothing to do with the site or service, so if possible, it should be the same as the site name or service name.

However, in many cases, the domain of a short and meaningful character string has already been acquired, so some ingenuity is required.

The ingenuity here isThe method of "shortening" and "association".

For example, if you try to get a domain related to a camper, you can quickly come up with a camping car or camping-car.

However, this is a little long, and in most cases it has already been acquired, so let's devise a little.

First of all, is it like this when "shortened"?

・ Campcar
・ Camp-car

Next, what about "association"? Consider what you associate with "camping" and "car".

Google TranslateIf you use, the translation from Japanese to English and its synonyms will be displayed, which will give you various hints.

Is "camping" like "travel", "travel", "trip", "journey"?

A "car" is like a "car," "sha," "automobile," or "vehicle."

Combining these words,

・ Tabicar (travel car)
・ Tabisha (travel vehicle)
・ Tripcar
・ Tabikuru * A coined word that connects travel and vehicles.

What do you think.

With this kind of feeling, you may decide the domain like a little word game.

personally,Domains with a little playfulness and twist are more impactful and easier to remember.I feel.

How to decide the type of domain

The types of domains are called top-level domains, and there are various types such as ".com", ".net", and ".jp".

Top-level domains are broadly categorized by "use" and "region."

Let's introduce a typical "use-specific" top-level domain.

.com ... The most famous top-level domain.The usage is said to be "for commercial organizations", but anyone can freely register.The cost is as low as 1500 yen a year.
.net ・ ・ ・ This is a domain that is said to be "for networks". Cheaper than .com.
.biz ・ ・ ・ It is a domain that is said to be "for business".
.info ・ ・ ・ It is a domain that is said to be "no limit".

Although it is divided according to usage, it is actually registered regardless of usage.

".Com" and ".biz" have a strong impression of business, and ".net" and ".info" have the impression that they are used for general purposes.

If in doubtYou may decide by the balance of letters and pronunciationIt will be.

".Jp" and "" are common domains for "regional" in Japan.Registration requires registration of the address and corporation, so preparation is required.

What about Japanese domains?

Recently, I see domains with Japanese names, but there are some disadvantages such as not being able to use Japanese as it is for email addresses.

There is also an opinion that the Japanese domain is "SEO-friendly", but I personally do not recommend the Japanese domain because it has not been confirmed.

Anything is fine after all?

So far, as I've written, the domain should be decided carefully, but don't think too much about it.

If it is a content-based information site, no matter what domain it is, it will not be fatal to the site.However, if the site is aimed at branding services and products, any domain itself will attract attention as a brand, so it seems that you need to decide carefully.

In any case, what matters is the "domain you won't regret", that is,Being a "domain you like"..I feel that this is a major premise.