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What is the best way for Google Workspace users to publish their website?

What is the best way for Google Workspace users to publish their website?

* The Google site was significantly renewed in November 2016.For more details, check out this article. "Finally renewed!How has the new Google site changed?'

If you want to create an external website such as your own homepage, you can "for the time being" build it with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace has a function that allows you to easily build a website without having to know HTML called "Google Site".Such a system is generally called CMS (Contents Management System).

However, the Google site is supposed to be used for the inside of the organization such as the in-house bulletin board and the in-house Wiki, and it is not often used as an external CMS mainly because there is no degree of freedom in design. Is not ...

Why is Google Workspace, which has so many functions, not implementing the external CMS function that is in high demand?

Google Workspace help page "Creating an external websiteIt is recommended to use non-Google CMS services such as Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and in addition, internal websites are recommended to use Google Sites.

I don't know why, but unfortunately Google Workspace doesn't offer an external CMS for now.

So what if Google Workspace users want to publish their website?This time, I tried to summarize the method on the assumption that you can publish the website with your own domain.

How to do something with Google services

Although Google does not recommend it, I am using Google Workspace, so I would like to do something with the Google service that can be used with the same account.I don't want to uselessly increase the number of external accounts.

Currently, there are two Google services that can publish websites:

・ Google site
・ Blogger

Let's look at each one.

Google site

* The Google site was significantly renewed in November 2016.For more details, check out this article. "Finally renewed!How has the new Google site changed?'

As mentioned above, Google Sites is an internal CMS, but it can also be published externally with its own domain.

There are the following problems when making the Google site publicly available

・ The design of the template theme is not good and the degree of freedom is low.
-Links that you do not want to display, such as "Change history", "Report fraud", and "Terms of use (on Googe site)" are always displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If you don't care about the design and details, you can make it on the Google actually see many such sites.

Also, if it's a Google site,Operation is simple because it can be completed within Google WorkspaceThere will also be a merit.


Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google. You can use it with your Google Workspace account as it is.Even if it is a free service, there are no ads and you can use your own domainSo it is a popular blog system.

However, since it is a blog system, there are some parts that are not suitable for building a pure website.

For example, since the top page of Blogger is a list of new posts, there is a problem that the top page cannot be easily fixed as a general website.

However, unlike Google Sites, Blogger allows you to customize templates at the HTML level, soWith some knowledge of HTML, it is possible to create a high-quality website even with Blogger..

Use cloud-based CMS

Recommended on Google's help page,S,Weebly,WixIt is a method to use an external CMS such as.

Recently, it has become possible to create websites in the cloud.Moreover, the templates are modern and the number is substantial.also,Since it is a cloud service, there is no need to prepare a web server by yourself, and all operations are completed with a single browser.To do.

However, in most cases, it costs a monthly fee to use it with your own domain, so please check in advance.

Rent a rental server

Rent a web server obediently.It is a method.

You can upload the HTML file as it is, or you can install and build a CMS package such as Wordpress.

It doesn't cost much.If it is cheap, you can borrow from a few hundred yen a month.

Of course,The most flexible way to rent a web server, You can build your website the way you like.However, some web knowledge and skills are required.


The features of each method are summarized in the table.

Google site Blogger Cloud CMS Web server rental
Using Google Workspace account Possible Possible Improper Improper
Additional cost Does not cost Does not cost Hundreds of yen a month ~ Hundreds of yen a month ~
Freedom to customize × (I.e. (I.e.
difficulty low low high

As you can see, the advantages and disadvantages of each are clear, so it seems necessary to make a selection based on the purpose and degree of commitment of the website, and the knowledge and technical capabilities of the website.

If you can't decide, why not try it from the free Google site or Blogger.