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I thought about the difference between Google Workspace and Office 365

I thought about the difference between Google Workspace and Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 is definitely a rival to Google Workspace.I think many people are wondering which one to use.

I will leave the detailed differences between the two functions to other articles, but this time I will introduce the strengths of each service one by one and think about who and what company it is suitable for.

Basically the same groupware

I suddenly said "same", but what you can do with Google Workspace and Office 365 is basically the same.

Groupware that brings together all the tools you need for your business, such as email, chat, video conferencing, schedule management, and office document creation.

Both are also cloud services, designed to allow you to access these tools anytime, anywhere using the Internet, and the prices are not that different.

Whichever you choose, it won't stop your business.

So what are the strengths of each?

Office 365 can use Office

For many years, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) has become the norm when it comes to creating office documents.A new rival called Google has appeared before Microsoft in such an exclusive situation.

And Google has released Google Docs, an office document creation tool that runs on a browser, for free.At that time, I remember being shocked by the question, "Can I do this with a browser?"

That said, it didn't shake the share of Office, which had been monopolized until then, and Microsoft Office is still the mainstream.That's why I think most companies depended on Microsoft Office and couldn't change it if they wanted to.

I have also been asked many times to "make business tools with VBA in Excel".It will be even more difficult for such companies to leave Office.

The biggest strength of Office 365 is that you can use this Microsoft Office.It is in the place. Excel and Word files can be edited in Google Workspace, but they have not reached the point of full compatibility, and it takes some effort to convert them when outputting.

There is no doubt that migration costs will be enormous when companies that have been and will continue to rely on Office to fully migrate to Google Workspace.

Whether it can be simple

Google Workspace is a 100% web service.All you need is a browser on your computer and you don't need anything else.It's really simple.

On the other hand, Office 365 is also a cloud service, but basically most of the applications need to be installed on a personal computer, which gives the impression of a "semi-cloud".It also causes troublesome application updates.

The strength of Google Workspace is this 100% web service.That is the place.

This means that your work environment is not in your computer, but in the cloud, and you can access your work environment anytime, anywhere, from any computer as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Moreover, because it is a web application, the features it uses are always up to date.There is no need to update the application.

Do you think this is "attractive!" Or "don't care" ...I think this is a big point in choosing Google Workspace and Office 365.

Choice to use both

Emails and calendars are in Google Workspace, and only office documents use Microsoft Office.There may be a hybrid option.

However, there is no way to use Office in a limited way, but using Office together on a daily basis loses many advantages of Google Workspace, so if you use it together, it is better to unify with Office 365. I think it's good.

I believe that Google Workspace is the one that can get the maximum benefit only by using it alone.

Revolutionary Google Workspace and status quo Office 365

To summarize a little forcibly,

  • Office 365 is an old big company with a lot of Office.
  • The new small business is Google Workspace.

I think we can say that.

If you choose Office 365, you'll be able to continue your business as usual, for better or for worse, without making a big impact on the status quo.

Google has revolutionized web search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs and web services.

With Google Workspace out of Office, I'm sure there will be a revolutionary change in your business.