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How will Google Workspace change the way you work?

How will Google Workspace change the way you work?

Official site of Google WorkspaceHas a catch phrase, "How to work with Google."

What exactly does "working style using Google" mean?

This time, I would like to consider what kind of difference there is between using Google Workspace and not using Google Workspace in various business scenes.

[Scene 1] I had to email my business partner by the end of today!

You remembered that you're going to bounce today, but you have to email your business partner by the end of the day.

This is a common case.

Until now, I had no choice but to go back to work and send an email.Just to send an email ...Don't you think this is a waste of effort?The other party does not know where the email is sent from, and even if it does, I do not think that emailing from the company will lead to any good results for both parties.

On the other hand, with Google Workspace, you can quickly send from your smartphone using the Gmail app on your smartphone.

You can do this because Google Workspace is a service that runs on the Internet.

[Case 2] I decided to make a presentation material in collaboration with a colleague!

This is also a common case. I think you've created Excel and PowerPoint files with each other and later merged them, or put them on a shared server and edited the same files.

If the other person had the same file open, I couldn't edit it and had no choice but to modify the local excel file and merge it later.Also, when exchanging by email attachment, it was often difficult to know which email file was the latest.

Google Workspace revolutionizes this collaboration.

This is because multiple people can edit the same file in real time at the same time.

What do you mean? .. .. ??

Seeing is believing, please watch this video.

The fact that the cursors of multiple people move at the same time has the impact of blowing away the dissatisfaction with the collaboration so far.

It is because Google can use applications that use such advanced software technology.

[Case 3] I accidentally sent a confidential document to someone who has nothing to do with it!

It's a scary case.My heart is throbbing just thinking about it (laughs) ... It's not a laughing matter.

Normally, you cannot cancel after pressing the send email button.This is because it reaches the other party's mail server in an instant.

To prevent this from happening, you need to check the destination confirmation many times.

With Google Workspace, you can get rid of that worry.

Basically, you don't attach files to emails, just tell them the URL of the material stored in Google Drive.

You can set detailed sharing settings for materials on Google Drive, and even if you accidentally send a URL to an unrelated person, that person will not be able to see the material.

Although it is necessary to confirm the destination, Google Workspace is also effective in preventing information leakage caused by such human errors.

[Case 4] Business trips are expensive!

I often travel, but just for a few hours of meetings, I print out the materials for the attendees the day before, spend tens of thousands of yen on transportation, and spend more time than the meetings. I don't think it's a very efficient method.

It is also a sad event that after printing the material, "The important number was wrong!"

Sometimes it's good to talk face-to-face, but Google Workspace Hangouts (video conferencing system) is useful when you want to talk a little without going to the site.

All you have to do is place the material on Google Drive and notify the URL, or you can edit the material until the last minute of the meeting.

Hangouts video conferencing features are only available for a basic Google Workspace fee.There is no need to purchase expensive lines or hardware separately.

[Case 5] We have decided to set up a meeting!

It's not as troublesome as adjusting people.

Even if I send an e-mail saying "I will meet at XX on XX, XX, XX, how is it convenient?" Send an email.There are many things to do.

If you use the calendar function of Google Workspace, you can make such schedule adjustments smoothly.

詳 し く は 「[Advantages of Google Workspace] CalendarHowever, the function to display a list of participants' schedules and search for free time and the remind function are very convenient.


In this way, "working style using Google" can be said to be working style that maximizes the advantages of the Internet.

・ Information can be centralized.
・ Information can be obtained anytime and anywhere.
・ Applications are always up to date.

Taking advantage of these Internet benefits, Google Workspace is undoubtedly a powerful weapon in your business.