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Why you should choose your domain name carefully

Why you should choose your domain name carefully

I think the most difficult thing when acquiring your own domain is "what should you do with your domain name?"

Some people may have trouble deciding on a domain for days.

Why are you worried?

that is"Once you decide on a domain, you can't change itBecause.

To be precise, you can change it freely at any time, but the disadvantage of changing it is great, "Unless you have a good reason, you should not change it."

This time, I would like to introduce the disadvantages of changing the domain.

Reduced access from search engines

Search engines such as Google store information about a set of "keywords" and "URLs" in a database.

Since the URL includes the domain, if you change the domain, even if you hit the search engine and access it, you will be connected to the URL of the previous domain and the message "Page not found" will be displayed.You will not be able to access.

Search engines are also said to have a parameter called "domain quality".Domains that provide good content will be highly rated by search engines and will be ranked high in search results.

By changing the domain,Even the evaluation of the domain accumulated until then is lostAnd it needs to be evaluated by search engines from scratch.

Search engine ratings accumulate on a monthly or yearly basis, so it won't be easy to get them back.

You will not be able to access from links outside the site

Of course, if the domain changes, the URL will also change, so you will not be able to access from the URLs such as banners, links, business cards and pamphlets installed outside the site.

Since the number of links outside the site is also evaluated by the search engine, not only the access will be lost, but also the evaluation of the search engine will drop.Big opportunity lossIt will be.

Redirect installation and URL rewriting are difficult

Normally, if the domain changes, we will take measures (redirect) to connect to the new URL when the previous URL is accessed so that the link will not be broken.

By doing this, the broken links mentioned above can be resolved, and the search engine will also be notified that the URL has changed, but for its installationRequires technical skills.

Also, if the article on the site has a link or image link that includes the domain name, allThe hard work of rewriting to a new domainAlso occurs.

In addition, the old domain will be accessed for a while, so you have to keep managing the old domain itself.

Domain change is difficult in Google Workspace

If you are using Google Workspace, changing the domain (changing the primary domain) is not recommended.

This Google Workspace official article "Before changing the primary domainAs you can see in the above, if you change the primary domain,May cause unexpected troubleIt seems.

It's best to assume that you can't change a domain in Google Workspace unless you have a good reason to do so.

Great impact on email domains

Needless to say, the impact is great when using it as an email domain.

Since the e-mail address will change after all, it is necessary to change the setting value of the e-mail address linked with the system such as contacting the customer, reprinting the business card, notification destination of the inquiry form, etc.


The longer you use a domain, the more search engine ratings and content you have accumulated, so changing your domain means changing your domain.Return "accumulated value" to a blank slateIt is nothing but that.

When deciding on a domain, it seems better to decide carefully.