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With the spread of smartphones and tablets, IT can be used "anyone" and "anywhere", and the business scene is undergoing changes that will change the way we work.

I think G Suite is the best tool to revolutionize that way of working.

On this site, the author, who regularly uses G Suite for business and private use, introduces its appeal and how to use it.

In particular, I try not to use difficult words or technical terms as much as possible so that even those who are new to IT can understand.

We launched this site in the hope that it will help many people to know about this wonderful product and introduce it.

We also offer coupons that give you a 20% discount on the first year usage fee, so please use it!

Operator profile

I am an engineer working as an SE / programmer.

I love computers and electronic devices, and when new products from Apple and Google come out, I want to try them immediately (^ _ ^;)

Companies are also actively using G Suite.

All internal documents such as work rules and rosters are managed by Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, and I feel the overwhelming quality, advanced functions, and ease of use that other mail servers and groupware do not have. doing.

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