What is Google Workspace

What is the difference between the paid version and the free version of Google Workspace?

What is the difference between the paid version and the free version of Google Workspace?

As you may know, features such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs provided by Google Workspace can also be used with a free Google account (@ gmail.com).

Still, why are so many people using paid Google Workspace for a fee?Is not it?I'm sure there is a good reason.

This time, I tried to summarize what you can and cannot do, and the advantages and disadvantages of a free Google account and a paid version of Google Workspace.

I would like to confirm before introducing whether the paid version of Google Workspace is required.

Free Google Account vs Google Workspace

Below is a summary of the functional differences between free Google accounts and paid GSuite.

Free google account Google workspace
Prices Free ¥ 680 / month (excluding tax) ~
Email Address @ gmail.com only Own domain possible
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu 15GB 30GB (increased by plan)
Support None Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Japanese.Phone is also OK.
Service Level Agreements (SLA) None 99.9%
Management screen (user management, security management, etc.) × (I.e.
Email monitoring by the administrator (Business Standard or higher) × (I.e.
Google Drive (I.e. (I.e.
Google Docs (I.e. (I.e.
Google site (I.e. (I.e.
Use your own domain on Google Sites ○ (* You can now do it) (I.e.
カレンダー (I.e. (I.e.
Chat / video conferencing (I.e. (I.e.
Other Google services (Youtube, etc.) (I.e. (I.e.

Benefits of each

The advantages of the paid version of Google Workspace can be summarized as follows.

  • Branding with your own domain.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) are set, soGuaranteed in the unlikely event of system trouble.
  • Because the support system is perfectIf you have any questions, you can ask immediately.
  • Because there is a management screenEasy to use in your organization.

The advantage of free Gmail isBe free.Will be exhausted.

As mentioned above, there is not much functional difference when considering Google Docs and Calendar alone, and even if it is free, the service will not become unstable. (Probably both the free version and the paid version are running on the same system.)

One thing I can say is that free Google accounts are definitely unsuitable for multi-person organizations.

Perhaps many freelancers and sole proprietors are wondering between a free Google account and paid Google Workspace.

Whether you can use your own domain email address here.Is the most important point.Mainly using the free "@ gmail.com" address for business purposes may not be trusted by your business partners.

The minimum monthly charge is 1 yen for one user.Isn't it well worth the price?

Regardless of the size of your businessFor business purposes with valued customers, we recommend Google Workspace, which allows you to use your own domain.