What is Google Workspace

Key features of Google Workspace

Key features of Google Workspace

Here, we will introduce various features of Google Workspace that are useful for your work.


Gmail is an email service provided by Google.You can use it with a free Google account, but with Google Workspace, you can use your own domain as an email address.
Anyway, I'm just amazed at its filtering power to judge junk mail as junk mail.
More than that, my favorite feature is "search".You can search by keyword as if you were doing a Google search, and you can easily find the desired email.



This is also an indispensable function.Not only can you grasp the schedule of members, but you can also make reservations for company facilities.

I use a calendar instead of a notebook because it can be linked with the calendar app on my smartphone.

hang out

A tool for chatting and video conferencing.

Deploying a video conferencing system usually requires its own hardware, network environment, and high cost, but with Hangouts,All you need is an internet connection, a PC with a camera, or a smartphone, and you can easily make a video conference.Of course, there are no additional costs.


You can create a mailing list.At my company, we create groups for each project and have discussions there.

Since the mailing list can have a unique e-mail address, it can also be used as an e-mail address for inquiries for each business.

You can create as many groups as you like.No additional license fees are required.

Contact Information

It is an address book.You can create an address book shared by the company as well as personal ones.

Google drive

It is a function that allows you to save files online.You can use up to 1GB per user at no additional charge.Of course, you can also purchase and expand additional capacity licenses.

All data is stored on Google's servers, so even if your PC's hard disk is damaged, your data will not be lost.
I store all my data in Google Drive. Even if you buy a new PC, it is convenient because there is no data migration.

Document Spreadsheet Presentation

These are the functions corresponding to "Word", "Excel", and "Powerpoint" of Microsoft Office, respectively. Since the functions and interface are similar to Office, those who have used Office can start using it without any discomfort.

You can also import and export from Office files.You no longer need to buy expensive Office software.

My favorite feature is "collaboration".Excel, for example, does not allow multiple people to open and edit the same file on the server at the same time, but document spreadsheet presentations do.
The same file can be edited by multiple people in real time.I don't think you can see the image until you actually see it, but when I first used it, I was shocked.


It is a so-called CMS (content management system). You can easily create a homepage without any special knowledge such as HTML and style sheets.It is also possible to open it to the public as an in-house site with limited access or as a company homepage.

How was it?Since both tools can be used on the browser, it is a feature of Google Workspace that there is no need to install software.

There are many other tools, and all Google services such as Google Analytics and Blogger can be used by logging in with your Google account.

We will introduce the features of each tool and how to use them in detail in the future.