What is Google Workspace

A video that clearly shows that Google Workspace is safe

A video that clearly shows that Google Workspace is safe

"I'm worried about the cloud because I don't have the data."

I often hear the story.

Certainly, it is natural to feel that way with the data in the computer in front of you and the data in the cloud where you do not even know where it is.

Here is a video called "Google Workspace Security Overview" created by Google.

It's a short video, but it's explained in a very easy-to-understand manner, so please take a look.I'm sure that the anxiety about the cloud will disappear.

This time, I would like to explain the security of Google Workspace based on the contents of this video.

Google is a hardware company

Some people may feel uncomfortable, but in fact Google also manufactures a large amount of hardware such as servers and network devices.

But you've never seen a Google server or PC, right?

What that means is that they are all used in our data centers. The servers, switching hubs, routers and other network devices in Google's data centers, as well as the OS and server software that controls them, are all made by Google.

By using unique hardware and software that are not on the market, it is more difficult to invade from the outside.

In addition, the video has been confirmed to be safe by a third-party security test.It is explained as.

I think Google is probably the only one doing so far.You can see that the investment in security is horribly high.

On the other hand, when it comes to setting up a server in your company, it's a lot of work.In addition to security measures, server aging and OS patching work are required, and server administrators are worried and cannot sleep at night.I was doing it for a while, but I don't want to do this again (laughs)

Data is divided, encrypted, and distributed

Where do you store your work and personal data?

I think most people have it stored on the hard disk of their computer.Perhaps some people store their data on a USB memory to carry it around.

According to this video, about 10% of laptops are stolen, more than 60% have lost their USB sticks, and 60% of them contain sensitive information.I'm surprised at this number.

Google Workspace is a cloud service.All data is stored in the cloud.The cloud here means Google's data centers around the world.

In Google Workspace, when you upload certain data, the data is subdivided, encrypted, and stored in distributed data centers around the world. No entire data is stored on a single server.

Even if a thief steals a hard disk from Google's data center, it can't analyze what the data is in it.

What if my password is stolen?

Certainly, it is dangerous if you publish your Google Workspace account ID and password on Twitter. (I wouldn't do that.)

But what if the password is leaked for some reason?

Google Workspace has a mechanism called two-step verification..When you log in, you will be sent an authentication email to your mobile phone or smartphone, and you will be able to log in successfully with both PC and mobile authentication.By doing this, it is okay if only the password is leaked.

In the unlikely event that your password and mobile phone are stolen, if you have a terminal that can connect to the Internet,You can take immediate action by suspending your account or changing your password.It is also an advantage of the cloud that you can do this. If you drop the USB memory, this will not happen.

Summary-Which is safer, PC or cloud?

Which is more difficult for a hacker to get into your home or office, or to Google's data center, which is monitored by security professionals 24 hours a day?

Needless to say, the latter.

Google has a security team with hundreds of people. I recommend leaving the data management to a professional, such as "mochi is a mochi shop".