What is Google Workspace

[2021 latest version] Summary of usage charges for Google Workspace

[2021 latest version] Summary of usage charges for Google Workspace

* Information as of February 2021, 2.

Google Workspace has a very simple pricing system.

In this article, we will explain the differences in price and functions for each plan, so let's check the plan that suits you.

If you have any questions about "what does it cost?", Please read this article as well.
Thorough explanation of how Google Workspace charges work!
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Google Workspace Price Summary

Google Workspace has the following four plans.I tried to summarize each price and difference.

Monthly fee
Per account

680 Yen
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1,360 Yen
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2,040 Yen Contact
Google Workspace basic functions
By google
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu 30GB 2TB 5TB Expandable as needed
Number of participants in Meet (video conference) Up to 100 people Up to 150 people Up to 250 people Up to 250 people
(Audit function)
× ×
More powerful
Security and management features
× × ×

(All prices do not include tax)

Google Workspace has four plans, "Business Starter", "Business Standard", "Business Plus", and "Enterprise", and the available functions are different for each plan.

Basic features such as email, calendar, drive, and documentation, such as those introduced on this site, are available for all plans, so in most cases the "Business Starter" or "Business Standard" plan will work. think.

About Business Plus and above plans

Now, what are the Business Plus and Enterprise plans that cost more than twice as much?

The big difference from Starter is that of Google DriveCapacity is 5TB or more,Vault function is available.

The Vault function is a function that allows you to keep and search records of user emails, chats, and documents.Information deleted by users can also be searched, which is useful for corporate compliance audits.

However, the contract for each plan applies to all accounts.This means that only some accounts will not be able to apply this plan.

Therefore, the case of using this plan is "An organization where all users handle large amounts of data and have high corporate complianceIt may be limited because it means.

Also, additional capacity of Google Drive and VaultOptions can also be purchased on a per-account basis..My company adds Google Drive capacity and Vault functionality to only some accounts.

Annual contract is not selectable

From April 2019, you can no longer select the annual plan.To use the annual plan, you need to contract with a Google Workspace agency that supports the annual plan.Unless the agency offers a discount, the monthly contract and annual plan are the same amount.

Summary – Is Google Workspace expensive?

This time, I summarized the plans and prices of Google Workspace.

To be honest about the amount of money, there are many cheaper rental servers if you only have email and site space.

However, considering the high security of Google Workspace, the ability to judge email spam, and the availability of attractive features such as office documents and video conferencing systems, I feel that the amount is not high. increase.

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