What is Google Workspace

The biggest feature of Google Workspace

The biggest feature of Google Workspace

Google Workspace has already been deployed by over 500 million companies.There are various industries such as IT, food and drink, and entertainment. According to the Google Workspace official website, major famous companies such as "ANA", "Casio", "JTB", and "Fujisoft" have also introduced it.

Why is Google Workspace the choice of so many of these companies?I will tell you why I thought about the secret.

Being a 100% web service

The biggest feature of Google Workspace is that it is a "100% web service".

I think it's all about this.

So what are the benefits of being a 100% Web service?

No need to install software on your computer

Being a 100% web service means that all features are available from your browser.In other words, all you need is an internet environment and a browser.It is.

Like Microsoft Excel or WordNo additional software needs to be installed.

There is no need to install software, soYou can save the trouble of installation, and there is no software trouble due to the PC environment such as the difference in OS type and version..

Of course, no additional hardware is required, such as special network equipment.

The functions to be used are always the latest version

Being a web service means that all data and software is on the server side.

So, for example, if a new function is added (version upgraded) on the Gmail inbox screen, the user can use that function immediately.

In other words,The Google Workspace service you use is always up to date.That's it.

There is no need for users to update the software, and there is no such thing as "it stopped working after updating to the latest version!".

Can be accessed from anywhere

Also, since it is a web service, if you have an internet connection,It can be accessed from anywhere.That is also a big point.

All you need is a terminal equipped with the Internet and a browser, such as a moving Shinkansen, a cafe, or a hotel on vacation.Of course, you can also use it from your smartphone or tablet.

There is no such thing as "I was planning to go home, but I came back to work just to send an email to the customer."

Information is kept safe

All data created in Google Workspace is on Google's servers.

Some people may be reluctant to store important data in the cloud, but Google operates the service with security measures as the top priority.Securely protect user data using advanced technologies such as monitoring by a team of hundreds of security specialists and decentralization / encryption.doing.

For security, see this article "A video that clearly shows that Google Workspace is safeIs also introduced.

The fact that the data is in the cloud means that the information is centralized.That is.

Since Google Workspace data is not saved on the hard disk or USB memory of the computer, "I dropped the USB memory containing customer data!" "The PC was stolen!"There is no need to worry about physical data loss or leakage.

Have you ever attached confidential materials to an unrelated person by e-mail?

In Google Workspace, basically, the material is not attached to the email, but the location (URL) of the material is told to the other party.Since the material can be shared in detail (who can access it), even if you tell the material location to a person who does not want to see it, that person will not be able to access the material.

There is also an advantage against information leakage due to human error.


In this way, being a "100% Web service" brings various benefits.

Google Workspace is based on a concept not found in other groupware, and that is the biggest feature.