What is Google Workspace

This is no good! Google Workspace

This is no good! Google Workspace

By the way, this site tells about the charm of Google Workspace in various ways, but I would like to change my perspective a little and introduce the disadvantages of Google Workspace.

I can't make a fancy website

* The Google site was significantly renewed in November 2016.For more details, check out this article. "Finally renewed!How has the new Google site changed?'

Since Google Workspace is basically groupware, it is not possible to publish a purely static homepage. (There is no server that can put html files and publish them)

Therefore, in order to publish a proper corporate site (corporate homepage), it is necessary to prepare outside of Google Workspace.That is the current situation.

That doesn't mean you can't do it at all.

There is a function called Google Site. You can publish your homepage without coding HTML, but if anything, it is a function to build a portal site for internal use, and it is not very suitable for creating a high-quality website for external use.

The reason is that you can not customize the design in detail, the prepared theme is not good (it has not been updated for many years), and the link "Recent update history" or "Report fraud" is always displayed in the page footer. There are things like that.

A little temporary site.It will be enough for the purpose.

If you do your bestSites like thisHowever, if you do your best so far, it is easier to put HTML on the rental server normally.

I think there is a need as a web server, but unfortunately Google does not seem to put much effort into the Google site.Well, it may be unavoidable because it is groupware. .. ..

There are many ways to create a website, so I'd like to introduce it in detail at another time.

Google Spreadsheets still lose to Excel

Google Workspace has a spreadsheet application called Google Sheets. You can do almost the same thing as Microsoft Excel on your browser.

Even though it is almost the same, it has not caught up with the details compared to Excel, which has a long history.That is the current situation.

In particular, Excel is superior in terms of performance when dealing with large amounts of data, such as detailed settings and decorations for cells, graphs, and auto shapes.

However, Google Sheets also has the necessary and sufficient functions for spreadsheets, and it gives the impression that it is simple and easy to use as an application.

Within the range of normal use, there are almost no cases where you feel that the function is insufficient.

In addition, the functions are evolving steadily.I didn't have a pivot table function before, but I was able to use it before I knew it (laughs).

It is expected that the difference with Excel will become smaller in the future.This sense of speed is unique to web applications.

External apps are not substantial

Google Workspace has an app store where you can install applications created by third parties.

However, the number and quality of apps are still poor, and I only use a few apps.In particular, there are few apps that support Japanese.

For example, Google Drive does not have a text editor by default.If you want to create / edit a text file with Google Drive on your browser, you need to install the text editor app.

I tried a few free ones, but none of them were good enough and I couldn't find an app that had as much functionality as a native Windows or Mac app.

Well, it may be natural because there are few such needs.

Personally, I think it would be revolutionary if all PC work could be done on a browser (cloud) without depending on the terminal or OS. .. ..I'm sure it's a minority.In that sense, I have high expectations for Chrome OS.


The second half of the story was derailed, but Google Workspace is still not perfect.

However, since Google Workspace is a 100% web application, the frequency of updates is overwhelmingly higher than other groupware, and it continues to evolve day by day.

This article may not be needed in a few months.