What is Google Workspace

What is the service guarantee of Google Workspace?How much is the compensation amount in case of failure?

Google Workspace has an "SLA".

SLA is an abbreviation for Service Level Agreement, which is called "Service Quality Assurance" in Japanese.It's like a manufacturer's warranty for home appliances.

However, the manufacturer's warranty for home appliances is limited to "one year after purchase", but since Google Workspace is a web service,This warranty comes with you for as long as you use it.

The Google Workspace SLA can be found on this page.

The SLA describes how well the service is guaranteed to work and what compensation will be provided in the unlikely event of a problem.

This time, I investigated the SLA of Google Workspace, so I would like to introduce it.

How guaranteed is Google Workspace?

According to the Google Workspace service level agreement, Google Workspace guarantees that "more than 99.9% of the time of the month will work properly."

In addition, if there is a failure (called downtime) of 0.1% or more of the month, a certain amount of compensation will be provided.It is said.

0.1% of the month is calculated as 24 hours x 30 days = 720 hours x 0.001 = 0.72 hours (43.2 minutes).

In addition, "downtime is a domain with a user error rate of more than 5%."This is not covered by SLA compensation if, for example, an organization with 100 Google Workspace users has a Google Workspace failure that affects less than 5 people.is what it means.

In addition, the failure time is also calculated for each domain (organization).For example, if five people can't use Google Workspace for 5 minutes, the downtime will be 10 minutes instead of 50 minutes.

Roughly summarizing,More than 5% of people in your organization are eligible for SLA compensation if they can't use Google Workspace for more than 43 minutes a monthIt becomes.

What is the compensation?

Compensation depends on how many hours of downtime you have in Google Workspace that month.If it is less than the above, there is no compensation.

The coverage will cover the number of days you can use the Google Workspace service for free.It is an image.As shown below, the number of days covered will change depending on the downtime.

・ 0.72 to 7.2 hours of downtime per month → 3 days worth
・ 7.2 to 36 hours of downtime per month → 7 days worth
・ 36 hours or more downtime per month → 15 days worth(Upper limit of compensation)

There are the following two patterns of compensation depending on the contract details.

・ For annual contracts, the expiration date of the Google Workspace license will be extended by the number of compensation days.
・ In the case of monthly payment, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the next month's bill.

How to request compensation?

Compensation isYou can not receive it unless you apply to Google from the user side.

If you find yourself unable to use Google Workspace for more than 43 minutes a month, contact Google Support.

However, please be careful when applying because some functions such as Gmail's Labs function are outside the scope of SLA in Google Workspace.

Also, please note that factors other than Google, such as domain vendor failures, are not considered downtime.


As far as I know, G SUite has never had a problem that causes SLA compensation, but since it is a Web service that is upgraded daily, it is safe to set a certain SLA.

Google Cloud Help Reliability PageAccording to you, Gmail achieved 2013% uptime in 99.978.

By the way, Microsoft Offce 365 also seems to guarantee a 99.9% SLA.

There is no SLA for a free Google account, so if you want to use it for business, please consider Google Workspace with SLA.