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[Google Workspace Q & A Collection] Email

[Google Workspace Q & A Collection] Email

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This page mainly summarizes questions about email operation.

Q. I have a question about my email address.You can have your own domain, but does that mean you can set up your domain in Gmail by making a separate domain contract?

A. Yes.exactly.

You can acquire a domain from a company affiliated with Google at the same time you apply for Google Workspace, but usually it is a form that links Google Workspace with a domain separately acquired by a domain company (name.com, Mumu domain, etc.) I will use it in.

Q. I already own my own domain.Is it possible to reflect this domain in Gmail?If possible, please tell me how to do it.

A. If you use Google Workspace using your own domain, you can send and receive emails in the new Gmail inbox.Of course, you can also forward the email to free Gmail.

There are several ways to forward Google Workspace emails, but the easiest is to use Gmail's forwarding feature.
Automatically forward Gmail emails to other accounts

Q. I am currently using free Gmail.After signing up for Google Workspace, is it possible to send the email that arrived in the free Gmail I am currently using to the address of Google Workspace?

A. You can use Gmail's mail forwarding function to forward to your Google Workspace email address.I think the following article will be helpful for the transfer method.

Automatically forward Gmail emails to other accounts

Q. Is it possible to use Google Workspace's own domain without setting up a mail server?Or is it necessary to set up a mail server, create an account, and then create an account in Google Workspace?

A. The mail server is prepared by Google Workspace, so you do not need to prepare the mail server yourself.

Q. I got a new email address in Google Workspace. In which inbox will the emails sent to the new email address arrive?

A. You can check by following the steps below.

1) Go to https://www.google.com/.

2) If you are logged in with another Google account, click the icon in the upper right and select "Add account".If you are not logged in, select "Login".

3) You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and password, so log in with the Google Workspace account (e-mail address) you want to confirm.

4) There is a link called "Gmail" in the upper right corner of the screen, from which you can check your inbox.

Q. The Google Workspace business plan states that access is unlimited cloud storage. Does that also apply to Gmail capacity?

A. Yes. Google Workspace Business also has unlimited Gmail capacity.

Q. I am using mail on a certain mail server + original domain.Is it possible to add an MX record for Google Workspace in this domain to receive emails to addresses that do not exist on the current mail server but only exist in Gmail?Also, if you lower the priority of MX records addressed to the current mail server and there are addresses in both Google Workspace and the mail server, will priority control work and can you receive in Google Workspace?

A. MX record priority does not act like going to the next priority server if the address does not exist, so it is not possible to set a mail server with a different management address for MX records of one domain. can not.

In the case of your question, it is better to use either server as the primary and forward only the required addresses.

If Google Workspace is the primary, there is a way to use Google Workspace split distribution.I think the following articles will be helpful for split distribution.

■ Email routing and delivery