What is Google Workspace

Thorough explanation of how Google Workspace charges work!

Thorough explanation of how Google Workspace charges work!

Hello.Don't miss it! Google Workspace.

This time, there were many inquiries in the introduction question corner of Google Workspace.I'm not sure how Google Workspace charges workI would like to explain the question.

The fee itself is "How much is it after all? We have summarized the usage charges for Google WorkspaceAs I said, it's relatively simple, but "I don't know what it costs!It seems that there were many opinions.

Let's take a look now.

Google Workspace charges for your account

Suddenly I write a conclusion, but Google Workspace charges for one account.

・ ・ ・ ・ But what exactly is this “account”?

Let's sort out the terms here.

First, there is the word "user" that is often used with "account", which is the actual "person" who uses Google Workspace.If it is a company, it is an employee.and,Think of an "account" as the "key" that the person hasAnd good.

Imagine using this key to log in to Google Workspace and use Gmail, Google Calendar, and so on.

Google WorkspaceThere is a charge for this "account".. If you need 3 accounts, you will be charged for 3 accounts.

Number of accounts = not number of email addresses

What I want to pay attention to here isAccount = not email address..about it.

To log in to Google Workspace, log in with your account ID and password.Since this account ID is an email address, it is often confused with account = email address, but this email address is just the "main email address".You can have multiple email addresses in one accountIt is

In the picture above, a total of XNUMX email addresses are used, but the actual charge for Google Workspace is OK with XNUMX licenses.

Non-main email addresses are called "aliases".For details on how to create an alias, see "How to increase your Google Workspace email address for freeIntroduced in "Using the alias function of Google Workspace".

Cases where Google Workspace can be cheaper

If you are a sole proprietor without employees and you have multiple account contracts just because you have multiple e-mail addresses, you may be able to reduce the charge.

[Case that can be cheap]

[When combined into one account]


So far, I have summarized the relationships between "users", "accounts", and "email addresses" in Google Workspace and the points that require charges.

If you are already using Google Workspace, you may be able to reduce the price, so please review it.

continuation,Google Workspace introduction question cornerNow, we are accepting your questions about Google Workspace.It's free, so please use it.

Well then!