Benefits of Google Workspace

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Calendar

[Advantages of Google Workspace] Calendar

In this series that introduces the advantages of Google Workspace in a ranking format, this time we will tell you about the advantages of Google Calendar.

I think that many individuals use Google Calendar, but what are the benefits in the business scene?

Let's take a look.

[Advantages of calendar] No. 1 Schedule adjustment is smooth anyway

Whether it's private or business, there's nothing more annoying than adjusting a person's schedule.

For example, if you want to meet next Monday, you would normally email the participants first, compile attendance replies, adjust the dates if it's not convenient, and contact them again.If you haven't received a reply, it's difficult to make additional contact and email the participants so that you don't forget it on the morning of the meeting.

Google Calendar, on the other hand, allows you to fully automate the above sequence of tasks.

When registering a meeting schedule in Google Calendar, you can check the schedule of participants, soYou can register a schedule aiming at a time zone where everyone can easily get together without asking each schedule..

Furthermore, at the same time as registering the schedule, an attendance confirmation email will be automatically sent to the participants, so there is no need to email each time.

Participants will receive the following email, so all you have to do is press the "Yes" or "No" button on the email.

In addition, the calendar has a notification function, and if you set it to "the day before" or "one hour ago", an email will be sent to everyone at the specified time, so no one will forget the schedule.

[Advantages of calendar] No. 2 Can be used as a notebook

This is true for Google Workspace as a whole,Of course, you can access Google Calendar from your smartphone or tablet..

You can check the location of your next appointment while you are on the move, or register your sudden appointment from your smartphone.

It also works with standard calendars on Microsoft Outlook® and iPhone, so you can always manage it with your calendar software.

I also use a paper notebook, but I only write temporary notes, and most of my schedules are centrally managed by Google Calendar.

[Advantages of calendar] 3rd place Can be used as a business day calendar for the site

I think that there are many people who operate EC sites and stores and post the business days of the stores on their homepage.

I've done this, but it's quite troublesome. .. ..

It's really hard to update the site every time you update monthly, set annual holidays, or change sudden holidays.

You can also use Google Calendar for the calendars published on these sites.

Google Calendar has detailed sharing settings. For example, if you create a public calendar called "Business Day Calendar" of a store and set it to open to the public, you can easily embed it on your homepage.

Once embedded,You can update the business day calendar just by registering holidays in the calendar without updating the homepage.So it is very convenient.

You can check the HTML tag for embedding from the calendar setting screen.

Summary – Great coordination between features

I especially think about using Google Calendar, but after all Web-based Google Workspace has smooth cooperation between functions.

For example, Google Calendar attendance confirmation emails have "Yes" and "No" buttons (URL links) embedded in the body of the email, and you can respond instantly with the push of a button.

If this is another calendar software that is not web-based, even if the attendance confirmation is notified by e-mail, the "Yes" button cannot be embedded in the body of the e-mail, so launch the calendar software once and use the software. You have to press the "Yes" button.

You can also associate a Hangouts conference (TV conference) with your appointment.The Hangouts meeting also has one URL, so when the scheduled time comes, you can join the Hangouts meeting immediately by accessing the "Join meeting" button, that is, the URL.

The smooth integration between these features is due to the fact that Google Workspace is entirely web-based.

Since it is used every day, I feel that these small parts are related to the point of ease of use.